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Swedish Master 2006 scale racing
25-26 March

Lars Harrysson and Hjärup Slotracing Center organized the Swedish Masters with an international starting field.

The British drivers
The British table

Friday saw practice and on Saturday the Open 12 class were raced with a field of 35 cars.

In qualifying Brian Saunders, Great Britain, were fastest with a 4.639 lap followed by the Swede Anders Gustafson 4.690 and Matti Fyhr, Finland, 4.770.
Qualifying results Open 12.

Brian Saunders
Brian Saunders. Top Qualifier Open 12

From qualifying all drivers were moved into semifinals and the top eight then went to the main.
In Quarter E Michael Landrud won with a big margin. His lap total was 359.
Semifinal D was won by the Latvian Ugis Viksne on 314 laps.
Semifinal C was won by Lars Harrysson 346 laps.
Semifinal B was won by Torgny Nordgren 341 laps.
Semifinal A was won by Brian Saunders 362 laps.
Brian was followed by Matti Fyhr 362. Tobias Lestrell (rookie) 362. Lasse Åberg 355 and Jirka Karlik 351.
Except for the Semifinal D all quarters had at least one driver present in the main.
Results Semifinal E, Semifinal D, Semifinal C, Semifinal B, Semifinal A.  Semifinal final rank

Open 12 cars
Open 12 main before warm up laps.

Open 12 main
Lars Harrysson, Torgny Nordgren, Brian Saunders and Tobias Lestrell before the main.

 In the main Matti Fyhr, Finland and Brian Saunders 58 laps, went into a one lap lead followed by Lasse Åberg 57 laps. Michael Landrud is surprisingly last on 51 laps..

In the second heat Matti was alone in the lead on 115 laps. Lasse Åberg 114. Brian Saunders, Lars Harrysson and Tobias Lestrell 113.

Michael Landrud was fastest in the third heat. In total Brian Saunders has now taken the lead on 172 laps with Matti Fyhr and the rookie Tobias Lestrell just behind on 171.

After the fourth heat, half the main driven, Brian Saunders is in the lead on 232 laps. Matti close behind on 230. Michael Landrud was again fastest and is now up into a shared third place with Lars Harrysson on 227 laps.

Fifth heat and Brian Saunders is running into problem with a motor that slows down and he retires. Matti Fyhr goes into the lead 286 laps. Second is now Lars Harrysson 285. Michael Landrud is now up into third place 283.

Sixth heat and Matti still leads 342 laps. Michael Landrud and Lars Harrysson 341 and Lasse Åberg 340.

Seventh heat. Matti runs into problem and we got yet another leader, Michael Landrud 401. Second place Lasse Åberg 399 and Lars Harrysson 396.

Eight and last heat. Michael is fastest and expands his lead to 461 laps. Lars Harrysson is taking second place on 455 with Lasse Åberg on 454.


Michael Landrud



Lars Harrysson



Lasse Åberg



Tobias Lestrell



Jirka Karlik



Torgny Nordgren



Matti Fyhr



Brian Saunders


Open 12 top three
2:nd place Lars Harrysson. Winner Michael Landrud. 3:rd place Lasse Åberg

Main results
Total results

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