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Swedish Master 2006 scale racing
25-26 March

On Sunday we raced the Eurosport 1:24 class.


Matti Fyhr topped the qualifying 4.204 followed by Michael Landrud 4.248 and Brian Saunders 4.367.
Results Qualifying

From qualifying everyone went into semifinals from where the top eight moved into the main.


From semifinal D Graham Woodward won and moved up into the main.
In semifinal C Lars Norkjear won and moved up into the main.
Semifinal B was won by Anders Gustafson but not with enough laps to move further.
In the semifinal A Brian Saunders was first and together with him into the main came Jirka Karlik, Michael Landrud, Keith Gibson, Peteris Taurins and Matti Fyhr.

Results Semifinal D, Semifinal C, Semifinal B, Semifinal A.  Semifinal final rank

Main final

ES 24
Cars lined up before the introduction lap


Brian Saunders took a big lead already in the first heat with 64 laps. Second was Matti Fyhr 60 laps. Jirka Karlik and Lars Norkjear on 55 laps.

Second heat saw Michael Landrud climbing the ladder.  Brian 126 laps. Michael Landrud 116. Peteris Taurins 115.  Lars 113. Jirka Karlik and Matti Fyhr 111.

In the third heat Brian was fastest again and stretched his lead into 191 followed by Michael 177, Jirka and Matti 173 both.

Fourth heat  was a repetition of third. Brian 256. Michael 240. Jirka 237.
Matti ran into problems with his chassi and went into the pits for a few heats.

Fifth heat. Brian, Jirka and Peteris fastest.
Brian 319. Jirka 300. Peteris 296. Michael 289. Lars 285.

Sixth heat. This heat was much slower than previous ones but closer between the drivers.
Brian is still in the lead on 377. Jirka has a more solid second place now on 358. Third Michael 351. Lars 346 and Peteris 345.

Seventh heat a little bit slower again. Most people have changed tires by now but some were getting into low ground clearance again.
Top three. Brian 435. Jirka 419. Michael 409.
Behind them Lars 405 with still a chance on third place.

Last heat. Brian is fastest once more and wins easily on 499 followed by Jirka 480 and Michael 464 laps.Brian Saunders car after the eight heat
Brian Saunders car after the last heat of the main final


Brian Saunders



Jirka Karlik



Michael Landrud



Lars Norkjear



Peteris Taurins



Keith Gibson



Graham Woodward



Matti Fyhr


Michael Landrud, Brian Saunders, Jirka Karlik
3:rd place Michael Landrud, Sweden. Winner Brian Saunders, U.K.  2:nd place Jirka Karlik, Czech Republic

Lars Norkjear
4:th Lars Norkjear. Denmark

Peteris Taurins
5:th Peteris Taurins. Latvia

Keith Gibson
6:th Keith Gibson. U.K.

Graham Woodward Matti Fyhr
7:th Brian Woodward, U.K.                                      8:th Matti Fyhr, Finland
Main results
Total results



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