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German Open 2007
Brühl, Germany, 30 Nov - 2 Dec.

The German BlueKingClub was the host for the German Open 2007. It was not only a race open for everyone to enter but also a warm-up race for next years world championship which will be raced there.
The race place is really wonderful. Peter Fröbel is the man behind it and, of course, there is a woman behind it as well, his wife Anett.

Let us start with some images from the track.

H0 mini-king
It's a King track. A one lane H0 track

Bruhl track
View from the bank

Bruhl track
View from the bank towards race director and bar area

Bruhl track
View from the bank. This result screen was magnificent. Look towards the start on the straight and you will se a monitor hanging down from the ceiling.

 Bruhl king

Bruhl track area
Rest area close to the bar

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