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Hjärup 12 hour
17-18 August 2007

Hjärup Slotracing Center

This was the third time the Hjärup 12 hour race has been held and as always there were strong teams from abroad.

The Czech's with their two time winning team Smradosi were present as well as the fast British Trotter Independent Traders (TIT).
Finland was present for the first time with a team, "The colours of white and blue".

This time the Swedish racers had to qualify for the 12 hour race and the Swedish Masters Open 12 class results counted. The first four Swedish racers there could form a team if they wanted.
For the rest of the Swedish racers they could enter if there were free slots. This was done to make it possible for even more foreign teams to have a chance to race.
The four drivers Michael Landrud, Anders Gustafson, Lasse Åberg and Tobias Lestrell formed the new time "Ahead of Time".

The Fabulous Four, who have had podium places in the previous two 12 hour races, later got a place as well as the new forming of "Basically the Best" with Esther Lestrell, Lars Harrysson, Martin Nilsson and Mikael Gustavsson.

The teams were.
Smradosi, Czech Republic
    Jirka Karlic, Miroslav Vadlejch, Pavel Flaisig and Antonin Vojtek.

Trotter Independent Traders, United Kingdom.
    Brian Saunders, Graham Woodward and Will Stemman.

Fabulous Four, Sweden.
    Christer Helgesson, Dan Gustafsson, Birger Elfström and Tommy Berggren.

Ahead of Time, Sweden.
    Michael Landrud, Anders Gustafson, Lasse Åberg and Tobias Lestrell.

The Colours of White and Blue, Finland.
    Justus Pohjasniemi, Harri Nykänen, Markku Sinisaari and Heikki Sinisaari.

Basically the Best, Sweden.
    Esther Lestrell, Lars Harrysson, Mikael Gustavsson and Martin Nilsson.

Cool Women Hot Men, Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark.
    Sandra Karlikova, Carolin Karlsson, Marcus Andersson and Erik Noltensmeijer..

Go for 69, Sweden
    Benny Jademyr, Thomas Schüler, Lasse Pettersson and Robert Hjelm.

Friday afternoon was free practicing and during the evening there was 8 x 30 minutes of practice.
Beverly and Lars Harrysson opened up their home for all racers. In the evening Beverly had prepared dinner for all racers and we had a break during practice.

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