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ISRA-cupen round 2, Hjärup, Sweden
2-3 June 2007

Hjärup Slotracing Center hosted the second round of the Swedish ISRA-cupen. This is the only Swedish series where, besides the 1:24, also the 1:32 scale cars are run.

As always Beverly and Lars opened up their house for all racers and for people who has been there at other races like the Swedish Masters or the 12-Hour race knows that you are very welcomed and you don't race hungry there.

Friday afternoon and evening was practice.

Saturdays first class Production 1:24

There was 10 teams on the starting line and we ran a round robin race.

Production cars
In the qualifying it was Torgny Nordgren and Lasse Åberg who topped the chart with 9.92 laps followed by Tobias and Esther Lestrell 9.81 and in third Michel Lorin and Erik Noltensmeijer on 9.54 laps.

Torgny Nordgren and Lasse Åberg TQ Production 1:24
TQ in Production 1:24 Torgny Nordgren and Lasse Åberg. Organizer Lars Harrysson in the middle

Michel Lorin Erik N.
Michel Lorin and Erik Noltensmeijer

Tobias and Esther were fast almost winning the qualifying despite falling off once.
Qualifying results here.

Fastest in the first segment was Tobias/Esther and Michael Landrud and Mikael Palmqvist on 75 laps followed by Torgny/Lasse on 73 and Anders Gustafson and Lars Harrysson on 72.

In the second segment Anders/Lars turned 77 laps and Tobias/Esther 75 which put the two teams on 150 laps. In third Michael/Mikael and in fourth Torgny/Lasse.

Third heat saw Anders/Lars and Tobias/Esther on both 77 laps leaving the others behind.
In the fourth heat T/E got into first heat but later got passed again.

When the race was over the top positions were similar to the second segment.

1.  Anders Gustafson and Lars Harrysson  597
2.  Tobias and Esther Lestrell           593
3.  Michael Landrud and Mikael Palmqvist 589
4.  Torgny Nordgren and Lasse Åberg      564
5.  Michel Lorin and Erik Noltensmeijer  536
6.  Janne and Mia Ekman                  533
7.  Christer Helgesson and Dan Andersson 520
8.  Mr. Berra and Lasse Törn             514
9.  Sven-Erik Olsson                     482
10. Magnus                               481

Lars Harrysson and Anders Gustafson
Production winners. Lars Harrysson and Anders Gustafson
Complete results here.

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