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ISRA Worlds 2007
6-13 October, Revúca, Slovakia


Traveling to Slovakia

I started from my home on Thursday morning. On the way Torgny Nordgren and Michel Lorin joined me on our way to the the town of Växjö where we changed to a rented Volkswagen bus which had enough space for eight people plus luggage. We then continued driving south down to Hjärup arriving at eight in the evening.
In Hjärup Lars Harrysson, Kai Embrey, Ove Halvarsson, Pierre Gryth and Birger Elftström met up and then we went to the ferries and left Sweden at ten in the evening.

Being eight people there was no problem driving non-stop through the night via Sassnitz, Berlin, Dresden, Prag and arriving late Friday evening at Jelsava close to the track.

The first thing I did after checking in to the hotel was to take a shower. I later found out that it was very good I did that.
The hotel did not give us any key to the front door and had only staff there early morning and late evening. This meant that you could not get into the hotel during day time to rest.

On Saturday morning we went to the track for the open practice.
I meet Gugu who was not happy. Their hotel, Hrádok, where the race were, had no hot water. None of the racers had any chance to shower.

Practice. This year they introduced a ticket system where you got a ticket to practice on a certain lane. After driving and being marshall you then changed the ticket and got a new. This was very good since you then had time to work on your cars between the practice sessions.

Sunday morning I took a shower but I did not like it. The reason was that there was no hot water at all. After talking to the hotel personnel they said that the one that maybe could fix it didn't work during weekends and they did not apologize for the inconvenience!
Still hotel Hrádok was out of hot water!

Sunday was scheduled practice and at the evening we got the Production bodies.

When arriving to the hotel in the evening I was hoping that they maybe had fixed the hot water problem but they hadn't done that.

On Monday the guests at hotel Hrádok were much happier since they now had hot water.




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