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ISRA Worlds 2007
6-13 October, Revúca, Slovakia

opening ceremony
Opening ceremony

Production 1:24

Due to the large amount of entries, 66 teams, the organizer had to change the format to be able to run on schedule. The solution was to drop the qualifying and sort the teams into heats depending on the ranking number.
In the first group, group I, Tobias and Esther Lestrell  topped the chart on  627 laps. They were still among the top five when all but one group had driven. In the last group there were early on a good fight between the teams of Trigilio/Vojtik and Landrud/Palmqvist.
Towards the end Landrud/Palmqvist got a healthy lead.
Total standings:
1. Landrud/Palmqvist, Sweden              666
2. Trigilio/Vojtik, Italy, Czech Republic 657
3. Szalai/Koterba, Slovakia               655
4. Krcil/Karlik, Czech Republic           652
5. Åberg/Saunders, Sweden, Great Britain  646
6. Gustafson/Harrysson, Sweden            643
7. Horky/Korec, Czech Republic            638
8. Podosinovik/Rage-Ragis, Latvia         636

Mikael Landrud and Mikael Palmqvist
Michael Landrud and Mikael Palmqvist

ISRA Production 123
From left to right: Antonin Vojtik, Paolo Trigilio. Mikael Palmqvist, Michael Landrud, Ladislav Szalai, Ladislav Koterba jr.

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