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ISRA warm-up 30 Mars - 1 April 2007 Revúca, Slovakia

During the drive home from Swedish Masters we, Michel Lorin and I spoke about the race and also about the fact that Michael Landrud races a lot.
He raced last weekend in Mönsterås, this weekend at the Masters, he will race next weekend in Slovakia,  the week after in Mönsterås and the week after that in Boxholm, Sweden. He races a lot.

On monday a working colleague and I took a short walk after lunch and then a thought stroke my mind. Why don't I go to Slovakia?. Think. Think, Think. Why not!

I knew that Michael Landrud was going to travel with Jirí and Sandra Karlik from Prag to Revúca.
It was a late decision but on Monday evening I called them  to see if they had space in their car which they had.
On Tuesday afternoon I found a ticket and on thursday afternoon I flew to Prag where Jirí picked me up. Michael's plain was late, it hadn't even started when it was to be in Prag and at the time the airline did not know when it would take off from Copenhagen.

We went home to Jirí to wait and we headed to a nearby pub to buy some beer.

Jirka Karlik
Jirka with the beer .... ( I don't know the name of it)

Michael arrived later that evening and the next morning at five we sat in the car heading to Revúca. The ride takes almost eight hours and the last part, through mountains, takes time.

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