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ISRA North European Championship 2007
25-27 May, Haapsalu, Estonia

This is the third running of the NEC (North European Championship).
The first time was 2005 in Jelgava, Latvia. Last year in Hyvinkää, Finland.

In the town of Haapsalu approx. one hour south of Tallinn was the place for the race.
Participants came from Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Finland and Sweden.

We, Michael Landrud and I, came by air to Tallinn and we got a ride with Heikko Tamme to the track. We took a short brake just after the airport when Heikko´s car overheated sending out a large plume of smoke. We then ate and waited for friends to Heikko and he then borrowed their car.

The track layout is somewhat similar to a King track but without any banks and shorter straight before dead-man and no straight at all between dead-man and the finger.

Friday we practiced and had a good time. Many of us stayed at a nearby hostel so before going to sleep we sat down in the dining room and ate some snacks.....

1:32 Formula

On Saturday we had one two minute practice session and the tech-in for the first of the two classes that day. The 1:32 Formula class.

In 1:32 F1 Nikolay Dolzhanskiy, Russia, was fastest 4.293 followed by Peteris Taurins  4,352, Latvia and Janis Rage-Ragis 4,422, Latvia. 31 entries.

1:32 F1 qualifying results here.

From qualifying all racers moved into the finals. This race procedure was used throughout the weekend.

In the C final the young Finn Heikki Sinisaari came in second which was really strong but, more would come.
In the B final Michael Landrud won easily and would have had even more laps if the had not by mistake thought the final was over after seven heat. he lost some 10-15 laps because of that.

The A final was won by Nikolay Dolzhanskiy.

1. Nikolay Dolzhanskiy 404   Russia
2. Peteris Taurins     397   Latvia
3. Justus Pohjasniemi  393   Finland
4. Janis Rage-Ragis    390   Latvia
5. Lasse Åberg         385   Sweden
6. Michael Landrud     381   Sweden
7. Reinis Lacis        380   Latvia
8. Kari Sinisaari      377   Finland

1:32 F1 Final D here.
1:32 F1 Final C here.
1:32 F1 Final B here.
1:32 F1 Final A here.
1:32 F1 Total results

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