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ISRA North European Championship 2007
25-27 May, Haapsalu, Estonia

1:32 Eurosport

Second race for the day was 1:32 Eurosport with 36 entries.
In qualifying Justus Pohjasniemi, Finland, was fastest with a 3,531 lap followed by Simas Nemira, Estonia 3,536 and Ilmar Viira, Estonia, 3,587.

1:32 Eurosport qualifying results here.

ES32 Justus P.
Justus P also won price for best looking car

The surprise here was that the Group A final was not the fastest.
The overall winner Andris Podosinoviks from Latvia drove in the B group and second placed Michael Landrud drove in the C group.

1. Andris Podosinoviks 465   Latvia
2. Michael Landrud     454   Sweden
3. Raivis Jansons      453   Latvia
4. Aivis Ruks          447   Latvia
5. Lasse Åberg         446   Sweden
6. Sergei Matjuskovs   444   Latvia
7. Justus Pohjasniemi  438   Finland
8. Christer Helgesson  432   Sweden

Andris P
Andris Podosinoviks

1:32 Eurosport Final E here.
1:32 Eurosport Final D here.
1:32 Eurosport Final C here.
1:32 Eurosport Final B here.
1:32 Eurosport Final A here.
1:32 Eurosport Total results

Prize ceremony and dinner

Top eight eurosport 32
Eurosport 32: Justus Pohjasniemi. Michael Landrud. Lasse Åberg. Christer Helgesson. Aivis Ruks
Sergei Matjuskovs. Raivis Jansons.  On floor Andris Podosinoviks.

After the race on Saturday we had  a price giving ceremony and dinner out in the countryside.
The organizers came with a bus and we went out.
The dinner was very nice with a lot of cold and hot food. After dinner some of us went to sauna and other just had a good time.

Dinner with a lot of good food

Janis giving Lasse a hug Janis giving trophy to Landrud
Left. Janis Rage-Ragis giving Lasse a hug.        Right, trophy to Landrud for best looking F1 car

Nikolay Dolzhanskiy
Nikolay Dolzhanskiy and his F1 trophy

Later in the evening we had coffee and cake and then we headed home.
The bus home was also nice. People talking, laughing and drinking.

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