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Slotcity, Västerås, Open12 19:th of April 2007


Slotcity in Västerås, Sweden, raced their last Open12 evening race before the summer.
As last time we were a couple of drivers from SSC who joined that race.


First up to qualify was Marcus Andersson who made a couple of low 3.4 laps with the best 3,432.
Second up to qualify was Lasse Åberg who drove close to Marcus times and only on his last lap were able to go faster with a 3,394 lap.
Towards the end Michel Lorin qualified and took second place with a  3,428.

Qualifying results here

From qualifying the drivers were moved to finalB and finalA.


Torgny Nordgren grabbed an early lead but after some problem halfway Fredric Hedberg were able to pass.
finalB results here

Marcus Andersson took the lead after the first heat. Ove Halvarsson who started a little bit slow picked up the pace and passer driver after driver and toward the end he was up in the lead winning this last race before the summer.
finalA results here

After both mains were combined the results are:
1. Ove Halvarsson    374
2. Marcus Andersson  362
3. Lasse Åberg       354
4. Fredric Hedberg   333
5. Torgny Nordgren   329
6. Michel Lorin      278
7. Robin Lundmark    269
8. Arne Olsson       258
9. Jonas Nygren      231

Ove Halvarsson
Winner Ove Halvarsson

Total main final results here

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