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Slotcity, Västerås, Open12 8:th of March 2007

Slotcity cafe
Slotcity Slot-Café

Slotcity in Västerås, Sweden, ran an Open12 race on thursday evening. We were a couple of drivers from SSC who joined that race. Västerås is about 100 Km northwest of Stockholm.

On thursday afternoon I left work a little bit earlier to drive to Västerås. On my may I picked up Torgny Nordgren.
When we arrived at Slotcity around 18.00 Michel Lorin, and the rest of the drivers, were already there.

They cleaned the track and put on a very small amount of glue to fit the grip of the Fish and the Piranha type of tires.
Gear ratio?  Torgny ran 6 pinion. I ran 7 and Michel 8. With so short time I just went with what I had.

Marcus Andersson doing tech. inspection
Marcus Andersson doing technical inspection


Open12 cars
Open12 cars before qualifying

Marcus Andersson was first up in qualifying and did a 3,598 time.
When Michel Lorin drove he took over the lead with a 3,525 lap. I did a 3,402 and took the lead.
Second from last to qualify was Ove Halvarsson. From practice it looked that he could do a high 3,3 lap but he ended with a 3,511 which gave him second place in qualifying.
Lasse Åberg     3,402
Ove Halvarsson  3,511
Michelle Lorin  3,525

Qualifying results here

From qualifying the drivers were moved to finalB and finalA.


In finalB Pierre Gryth, from Karlskoga, took an early lead ahead of Gunnar Jansson (who used Ove Halvarsson spare car).
Gunnar took the lead in the third heat but was overtaken by Kent Gustafsson after the fifth heat.
Gunnar came back and won finalB with 303 laps ahead of Kent Gustafsson 301 and Pierre Gryth 280.
finalB results here

In finalA Ove Halvarsson took the early lead with Marcus Andersson and Lasse Åberg one lap behind. This trio had a close fight.
Ove lost ground when he fell of and had to change gear in the fifth heat and went from second to fourth.
Lasse Åberg        362
Marcus Andersson   359
Torgny Nordgren    344
finalA results here

Total main final results here

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