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SSC evening race 22 April 2007

Monday evening a couple of hard working guys  took the evening of for slotracing and with Ove Halvarsson from Enköping showing up we were six racers.
As a test we ran with less grip using softer rubber like Fish, Piranha and similiar.

Early on it was slippery due to not enough glue and later on it got slippery due to tire wear.

In the qualifying Ove Halvarsson was fastest with a 4,314 lap closely followed by Torgny Lundmark 4,324 and Marcus Hammenstad 4,343.
Qualifying results here

To have marshals we ran three and three.
In semifinal B Lasse Åberg won in front of Michel Lorin and Mats Hummel.
1. Lasse Åberg       161,40
2. Michel Lorin      151,85
3. Mats Hummel       147,25

Semifinal A  was won by Marcus Hammenstad
1. Marcus Hammenstad 153,05
2. Ove Halvarsson    141,35
3. Torgny Lundmark   151,30

Main B

Torgny Lundmark took the initial lead but on the next lane on red he slided to close to the wall and got the body damaged to the point that he had to cut of the rear half.
Mats Hummel ran out of tires and after loosing traction in the bank he changed them.
Ove Halvarsson run without problem and fast winning the main B
Ove 231, Mats 214 and Torgny 209
Main B results here.

Main A

From red lane Lasse took the lead which lasted to the end. Behind him there was a close battle between Marcus Hammenstad and Michel Lorin.
Lasse 248, Marcus 236 and Michel 235
Main A results here.

Total results
1. Lasse Åberg       248
2. Marcus Hammenstad 236
3. Michel Lorin      235
4. Ove Halvarsson    231
5. Mats Hummel       214
6. Torgny Lundmark   209
Total main results here.

Soft vs Harder rubber

Now we have done one evening race with soft tires. We ran to slippery which was wrong not giving justice to the softer compound.
Using soft tires:
 + Less preparing of the track.
 + Less braking in of the track (which some drivers sometimes expect other racers to do)
 - Higher tire wear which could cause track damage if not monitored.
 - Higher tire cost. One pair of tires don't last the evening

Using harder tires like Koford W and Alpha Medium:
 + More consistent car handling to due low tire wear.
 + One pair of tires last almost two races
 - Requires that the track is run in with practice cars starting on narrower tires for the first lap.
 - More cleaning of track needed for other classes using less grip.



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