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Scandinavian Slotracing Super Cup
Meeting 1. Laihia.  4-5 February 2007

Lordi. 2006 winner in the European Song Contest. A family program which saw a surprise winner last year

The SSRSC (Scandinavian Slotracing Super Cup) consists of two classes, Box 12 and OM-G7 (one motor).
Optional to organize and race are the classes G-27 and G-7. (rules/info pdf file)

The series consists of four meetings starting with Laihia, Finland.
Second meeting 7-8 April racing in Mönsterås, Sweden.
Third meeting is Norsjö, Sweden at 15-16 September.
Fourth and last meeting is in Kouvola, Finland 17-18 November.


On friday, from the north of Sweden, one car with racers came to Laihia driving north around the Gulf of Bothnia (Baltic Sea) and from the southern parts Bengt G:son Nilsson and myself took a flight to Vaasa (close to Laihia).
Atte Hietalahti were at the airport and gave Bengt and me a ride to the track.
Large pit space area
Large pit space area

Arriving at the track we unpacked and then started testing.
The time schedule was rather compressed with four classes to be run in two days and the major reason for tight schedule was that they had changed it for Bengt and me so that we could catch the flight on Sunday afternoon.
Practice session on Sunday started at 06,15 and the race at 07,30 due to that.

Since I raced all four classes and the schedule was tight, I had no time to write down anything from the race and just took a few photos.
The HYPE slotracing provided live coverage from the race on their home page.
Maybe it will continue on the next races as well?

Laihia track
Laihia. Per Persson track


Saturday started with the Box 12 race. To increase the starting field and to make everything easier for the racers the participants are allowed to run with what is allowed in the rules in their respective home country.
Here was a potentially advantage for the Swedes since in Finland they are using a one make motor rule while in Sweden they are more free to mix parts.

Juha Yli-Sipolas G-12 motor
Just before the end of practice Juha Yli-Sipolas G-12 motor lost speed and got a new sound after one part of the stack had separated

Results Box 12.

1. Lasse Åberg      294
2. Jari Porttinen   288
3. Kimmo Rautama    285

Picture of the main results here
More results at the end of the story.

After Box 12 it was time for G-7 one motor race. Three quarters, two semi-finals and one main final was run.
If you are lucky and reach and race the whole main you have done 40 minutes of pure racing on that one motor.
Moving up from the quarter finals were quite easy as long you did not have any mechanical or handling problems.

From the semi-finals it is more tough since you have approx. half of the main field in a European Championship present.

Results OMG7

1. Juha Yli-Sipola 382
2. Kimmo Rautama   367
3. Leo Hongisto    363

Picture of the main results here
More results at the end of the story.

The last race on Saturday was Group 27. It is not part of the series. Evening was late and eight drivers entered allowing all to drive the main.

Results G27

1. Juha Yli-Sipola 691
2. Jari Porttinen  625
3. Per Persson     615
Picture of the main results here
More results at the end of the story.

Since I had a somewhat ill handling car (and or driver). I stayed at the track until one a clock in the morning to see if I could cure it for the G-7 race.
Some of the younger (or less old) of the Finnish drivers were also there so I was not by any mean the last one when I left the track.


Sunday morning we started the G-7 race. Once again we had three quarters finals. Two semi finals and one main.

Results G7

1. Jari Porttinen      850
2. Juha Yli-Sipola     842
3. Veli-Matti Kantamaa 817
Picture of the main results here
More results at the end of the story.

After the main was over Bengt and I had to quickly pack our things together to hurry to the airport.
Matti Fyhr, who came by, gave us a ride. Driving fast, except where there were speed cameras, took us to the airport in time.
In time might be the wrong phrase. When entering the airport building we had 22 minutes left before the plane was leaving.
That is kind of late when we talk about an international flight were you have to check in luggage, pass security check (with your slot bag) etc.
Vaasa airport is small which is really good when you are late as we were but we made it.

Total results

Laihia. pdf file
Total results after the first meeting. pdf file


Jyrki Leppilahti
Race director Jyrki Leppilahti

A race weekend was over. We had very little, rather no time to leave for eating which was good since the mandatory race pizza might not be the best nutrition you can have. Some racers couldn't resist a pizza and bought and brought it back to the race place. Just to test that Per Persson didn't get any bad food I took a small bite from his pizza :-)

Since we did not do any qualifying, not used in SSRSC series, a lot of time was saved both in the actual race and in the preparation to test and build the car for qualifying and then to revert it back for race again.

I have to thank the organizers, Atte Hietalahti for doing a lot of work before the race. Being a race director for bringing this race together. Jyrki Leppilahti for race director. Esko for technical inspection and the girl that took care of the shop.
I hope that this start of the SSRSC series in Finland with running Box12 will attract more drivers to take the step into racing.

Let's see how this continues the next time when it is time for Mönsterås in Sweden. If we could get  the starting field from Sveslot's Västerås race last year together with more local racers then the Box12 class could be quite big.

See you there.



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