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Scandinavian Slot-Racing Super Cup

The fourth and final round of the SSRSC 2007 is over and we have the champions.
This serie is targeting clubs to perform well point earning for both the junior and senior drivers.

Best club

The club of Laihia wins the Super Cup. Their strong line-up in G12 Junior played a big part.
It was very close for places 2-4 with Skellefteå taking second place after a super strong finish in the last round. Third was Kouvola. Close but not on the rostrum Norsjö.


Kimmo Rautama in senior Box G12
Atte Lyyski in junior Box G12
Juha Yli-Sipola in G7 one motor

G12 senior
Kimmo Rautama Tapiola   FIN 240
Juha Yli-Sipola Iisalmi FIN 210
Atte Lyyski (J) Laihia  FIN 194

G12 junior
Atte  Lyyski Laihia     FIN 300
Daniel Larsson  Norsjö    S 260
Teemu Suvanto Laihia    FIN 197

G7 one motor
Juha  Yli-Sipola Iisalmi FIN 260
Jari  Porttinen Espoo    FIN 214
Leo  Hongisto Kouvola    FIN 190

Results in pdf file here  (copy From FinSlot Forum)

Pictures (from a mobile phone) from the race is found on HYPE Slotracing web site here.



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