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Scandinavian Slot Racing Super Cup
7-8 March 2007

The second round in the SSRSC was held in Mönsterås, Sweden, during the easter weekend.
Team 21´s Bengt G:son Nilsson and crew had prepared the track for racing and the snack bar for eating.

Team 21 shop
Team 21 slot shop
Leo and Jonas Hongisto
Leo and Jonas Hongisto

Box 12

On saturday the first class out was the Box 12 cars with 26 drivers. From the quarter finals and the semi finals the following drivers moved to the main.
Anders Gustafson, Vimmerby MS, Sweden
Michael Landrud, Hjärup SRC, Sweden
Atte Hietalahti, TaPua - Finland
Stefan Törnfeldt, Stenungsund, Sweden
Kimmo Rautama, TaPua, Finland
Lars Åberg, Vimmerby MS, Sweden
Håkan Hjalmarsson, Team21, Sweden
Bengt G:son Nilsson Team21, Sweden

In the main Anders Gustafson was the favorite and he showed that by winning. Closer than expected was Michael Landrud in second with Kimmo Rautama in third.

1. Anders Gustafson      427
2. Michael Landrud       421
3. Kimmo Rautama         365
4. Atte Hietalahti       359
5. Håkan Hjalmarsson     358
6. Lars Åberg            357
7. Bengt G:son Nilsson   342
8. Stefan Törnfeldt      143

Box 12

Box 12 junior
Box 12 Junior. 2:nd Teemu Suvanto. Winner Daniel Larsson. 3:rd Atte Lyyski

Box 12
Box 12. 2:nd Michael Landrud. Winner Anders Gustafson. 3:rd Kimmo Rautama

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