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Swedish Masters 2007
Hjärup 24-25 March

Sunday and Eurosport 24


46 drivers in the field.
Eurosport cars

Fastest in the Eurosport 24 qualifying was Tobias Lestrell, Sweden, with a 4,405 lap followed by Peteris Taurins, Latvia, 4,415 and Michael Landrud, Sweden, 4,424.
Qualifying results


After the qualifying all drivers drove semi-finals with the top eight from qualifying moving to the main.
Eurosport 24 semi-finals f
Eurosport 24 semi-finals e
Eurosport 24 semi-finals d
Eurosport 24 semi-finals c
Eurosport 24 semi-finals b
Eurosport 24 semi-finals a
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Eurosport car
Christer Helgessons car

Eurosport car

Eurosport car

Eurosport car


Main drivers Eurosport 24
Brian Saunders, Tobias Lestrell, Peteris Taurins, Jirka Karlik, Anders Gustafson, Lasse Åberg, Pavel Flaisig, Andris Podosinoviks

Brian Saunders took of in the first heat and got a six lap lead ahead of Tobias Lestrell and Lasse Åberg.
In the second head Tobias was fastest but only gained one lap on Brian which now had a five lap lead. Peteris was now up in third followed by Jirka Karlik.

In the third heat Tobias were once again fastest and now Brian's lead were down to two laps. Third Peteris. Fourth place was close between Jirka Karlik, Anders Gustafson and Lasse Åberg.

After the fourth heat, halfway through the main, Brian were on 248 laps. Tobias 245.
Jirka Karlik now in third 239. Peteris 238 and Anders 237.

Fifth heat saw Peteris and Brian driving fast. Peteris was able regain "his" third place over Jirka.
Brian 311, Tobias 306, Peteris 301 and Jirka 300.

Sixth heat and Brian turns his best heat in the main and expands his lead looking set to win. Anders in fifth gets close to Jirka. Brian 376, Tobias 368, Peteris 364, Jirka 362 and Anders 361

Seventh heat. Anders is fastest and moves ahead of Jirka and closing in on Tobias.
Brian 437, Tobias 426, Peteris 425, Anders 424 and Jirka 419

One heat left and places two to five still open. Tires are running low.

Brian's drives safe. The two fastest drivers are now Tobias who secures second place and Jirka who moves into fourth.

1. Brian Saunders, Great Britain, 497
2. Tobias Lestrell, Sweden,       488
3. Peteris Taurins, Latvia,       484
4. Jirka Karlik, Czech Rep.       482
5. Anders Gustafson, Sweden,      482
6. Lasse Åberg, Sweden,           473
7. Pavel Flaisig, Czech Rep.      461
8. Andris Podosinoviks, Latvia    374

Main final results
Total results Eurosport 24

Eurosport drivers
The Eurosport drivers

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