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12 hour Endurance Challenge
Hjärup, Sweden, 16 August 2008

12-hour cars

This is the fourth time that Hjärup Slotracing Center is arranging this endurance team race for Open 12 cars.
As usual there were eight teams competing and, as usual, hospitality and good food arranged by the family of Lars Harrysson.

Ahead of time (Sweden)
Michael Landrud, Anders Gustafson, Lasse Åberg, Lars Harrysson

Ambulance (Latvia)
Peteris Taurins, Gatis Bezdeliga, Andris Podosinoviks, Edijs Zaks

Shoes for Pigeons (Great Britain+)
Brian Saunders, Keith Gibson, Graham Woodward, Carolin Karlsson (S)

Egil & Co. (Norway+)
Jonny Andersson, Egil Aksnes, Jörn Bolstad, Ben Woodward (UK)

The Fabulous Four (Sweden)
Birger Elfström, Christer Helgesson, Tommy Berggren, Dan Gustafsson

GO69 (Sweden)
Eric Signal, Kennet Signal, Robert Hjelm, Lasse P/T

U137 - sometimes on top (Sweden+)
Torgny Nordgren, Michel Lorin, Ilmars Brensons (LAT)

Bold men never wins (Sweden+)
Sven-Erik Olsson, Bo Åkesson, Marcus Andersson, Erik Noltensmeijer (DK)

The race

The race started with extremely close racing. More of a sprint race than an endurance race.
For a long time it was close between the top six teams but later on the distance grow. Mostly due to visits into the pits for repair.
It was probably the U137 team that run longest before their first motor change which happened somewhere in heat seven or eight.

The Ahead of Time took the initial lead in front of The Fabulous Four.
In the second heat Ahead of Time went into the pits twice and lost their lead to Fabulous Four.
The UK team, Pigeons for Shoes made a motor change between heat one and two.
With a fresh motor the UK team were fast on black lane but tire wear meant a tire change during the heat..
The Fabulous Four drivers were really fast but used motors and between segment two and three they did their second motor change. When they were back they were on the same lap sharing the lead with Ahead of Time despite their two motor changes.
At the end they came home second but that was after done seven or eight motor changes.

1. Ahead of Time                7548
2. The Fabulous Four            7267
3. Shoes for Pigeons            7113
4. The Humble (but bold) Ones   6984

5. Ambulance                    6902
6. U137 - Sometimes on top      6707
7. GO69 for tequila             6610
8. Egil & Co                    5849

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