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Serie-Öst2, Åtvidaberg 26 April 2007

The first round of Serie Öst was raced in Mullsjö and now Åtvidaberg was the host for the second round.  "Serie Öst" is a regional series which tries to promote youngsters to start race. The juniors race with qualifying, semis and mains while, depending on the entries the senior drivers just race qualifying and mains.
In the Production and Open 12 class junior and senior drivers race together but are then separated in the result lists.

Note! I do not have the results on paper so some corrections have to be done after I have seen the official results. I do not have a clear view which drivers that are junior vs senior drivers.

Åtvidaberg track

Åtvidaberg track

Åtvidaberg track

Production 16D

The first class of the day was Production 16D running on 10 volts for the junior drivers with 30 entries.

Qualifying was won by Filip Mood 7,683.

After the quarter and semi finals it was time for the main final.

In the main Filip and Viktor raced close never having more than one lap of a difference between them.  Arhur drove well to a secure third place.
1. Filip Mood       116,70
2. Viktor Bergman   116,11
3. Arthur Lindarp   107,13
4. Joel Hallberg    103,91
5. Sam Andersson    101,72
6. Erik Kindholm     99,21
7. Svante Wallin     98,19
8. Henrik Thorsson   85,65

Standard 16D
Production 16D  2:nd Viktor Bergman. Winner Filip Mood.  3:rd Arhur Lindarp

Production 1:24 G12

The next class was Production with the normal G-12 motors running on 13 volts.
The 30 strong field saw Michael and Mikael being considerably faster than the rest. Michael Landrud tq with a 5,499 lap in front of Mikael Palmqvist 5,586.

From qualifying all drivers moved into several finals.
The winner after all the finals was driven was Michael Landrud.

1. Michael Landrud      380,92
2. Lasse Åberg          370,91
3. Anders Gustafson     365,79
4. Tobbe Wågman         361,92
5. Danne Ax             357,08
6. Micke Svensson       336,26
7. Christoffer Karlsson 331,02
8. Simon Gustavsson     311,71

Production junior
Production, junior drivers. Martin Helge. 1:st Danne Ax. 2:nd Simon Gustavsson

Production senior
Production 2:nd Lasse Åberg. 1:st Michael Landrud. 3:rd Anders Gustafson

Open 12

The third and final class of the meeting was the Open 12 class.
Again we had the format of qualifying and all drivers to finals.
Top qualifier

Open 12 junior
Open 12, junior drivers. 3:rd Carolin Karlsson. 1:st Viktor Thorsson. 2:nd Simon Gustavsson

Total winner, in the senior class, was, quite often is, Michael Landrud.
1. Michael Landrud      423,23
2. Anders Gustafson     395,90
3. Torgny Nordgren      384,09
4. Markus Andersson     384,03
5. Mikael Svensson      373,07
6. Lasse Åberg          371,86
7. Christoffer Karlsson 347,08
8. Torgny Mattsson      281,62

Open 12
Open 12. 2:nd Anders Gustafson. 1:st Michael Landrud. 3:rd Torgny Nordgren



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