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NEC. North European Championship
13-15 June 2008, Åtvidaberg, Sweden

ÅMK (Åtvidaberg Motor Klubb) hosted the 2008 NEC event. The track, which has similarities to this years worlds track, attracted racers from Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia.
Friday was practice day and the F1 qualifying.

F1 1:32

31 cars in the field.
TQ in F1 went to Anders Gustafson with a 5.973 lap followed by Lasse Åberg 6.128 and Torbjörn Wågman 6.159.
The track is difficult for new racers which was clear during this qualifying but we all saw that the drivers are quick learners.
Qualifying results here.
From qualifying the drivers were moved into four mains.
In the D main Daniel Ax won on 254 laps.
C main saw Edijs Zaks on top with 251 laps.
B main winner Mikael Palmqvist drove 276 laps and behind him Christoffer Karlsson had 268 laps. In third Carolin Karlsson 261 laps.
A main winner, and winner overall, Anders Gustafson 285. Lasse Åberg 283. Andris Podosinoviks 281. Christer Helgesson 264 and Torbjörn Wågman 262.
Top eight
1. Anders Gustafson, SWE     285.10
2. Lasse Åberg, SWE          283.22
3. Andris Podosinoviks, LAT  281.64
4. Mikael Palmqvist, SWE     276.26
5. Christoffer Karlsson, SWE 268.67
6. Christer Helgesson, SWE   264.43
7. Torbjörn Wågman, SWE      262.34
8. Carolin Karlsson, SWE     261.77
Main D results here.
Main C results here.
Main B results here.
Main A results here.
Total results here.

F1 top 8
From left to right: Carolin Karlsson, (Mr. Berra), Christer Helgersson, Christoffer Karlsson, Mikael Palmqvist, Andris Podosinoviks, Lasse Åberg and Anders Gustafson.

Top three F1
2:nd Lasse Åberg. Winner Anders Gustafson. 3:rd Andris Podosinoviks

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