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Swedish Masters 2008

22-23 of March Hjärup Slotracing Center ran the Swedish Masters.
The race is organized by Lars Harrysson with help from local racers.
Lars and his wife Bev opened up their house for all racers and it was a "all inclusive" event meaning that we had breakfast, lunch and dinner there.

Racers were present from Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Denmark, Britain, Czech Republic and Australia.

Andy Wassermann
Andy Wassermann was the always observant race director

Open 12

Friday started with practice and on Saturday the Open 12 class were raced.
Open 12
There were 48 cars on the line.
Fastest qualifier was Michael Landrud 4,685 followed by Matti Fyhr 4,693 and in third Brian Saunders 4,77.
Qualifying result list here.

All drivers went into semi-finals from which the top eight made the main.
Semi final F results here
Semi final E results here
Semi final D results here
Semi final C results here
Semi final B results here
Semi final A results here
Semi final total results here

Open 12 field
From left to right: Mikael Palmqvist, Michael Landrud, Torgny Nordgren, Jirka Karlik, Tobias Lestrell, Dan Gustafsson, Brian Saunders and Atte Lyyski

Tobias Lestrell took the lead the two first heats but when Michael Landrud had driven  purple and black he fought back and took the lead and held on to it until the end.
Behind them Torgny Nordgren had started a little bit slow in the first segment but then picked up the pace and drove into a strong third place.

Open 12 1,2,3
From left to right: 2:nd place Tobias Lestrell. Winner Michael Landrud. 3:rd place Torgny Nordgren

Main final results here

Total Open12 result list  here

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