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Team21 ÖstCupen 20 September 2008

Team21 in Mönsterås, Sweden, was the host for one of the rounds in ÖstCupen (East cup).
Wing car racers know the club and the track well since numerous RL Nat's and European- World championships.
This time it was for the Production scale cars plus the Box 12 cars.

Since I visited the club the last time they have repainted the place, put in more lights and made it much more quite with noise dampening in the ceiling.

 Team 21 track
The noise dampening in the ceiling can seen here

Team 21 track
The new colors of the room

Team 21 tech inspection
Tech inspection done by Bengt G:son Nilsson

With 20-30 racers in each of the three classes it was going to be long day but fun.
A lot of young drivers with a good future was to be seen.

Production 1:24 16-D

The first class of the day was Production 1:24 with 16-D engines for the Junior drivers.
This was a tight race and the first victory for Viktor Bergman.
1. Viktor Bergman      147
2. Filip Mood          144
3. Sam Andersson       143
4. Elin Mood           140
5. Jim Andersson       137
6. Joel Hallberg       131
7. Joel Axelsson       127
8. Edvin Ström         126
Team 21 16D
From left to right: 3:rd Sam Andersson. Winner Viktor Bergman. 2:nd Filip Mood

Production 1:24 G12

Next class was Production 1:24 with G-12 engines for Junior and Senior drivers.
The class was raced mixed with Junior and Senior drivers but in the result list later they were separated for the points in the Serie Öst.
Lasse Åberg took the win after hitting the lead halfway.
1. Lasse Åberg          309
2. Michael Landrud      299
3. Anders Gustafson     290
4. Mikael Svensson      286
5. Daniel Ax            285   J.
6. Simon Gustafsson     263   J.
7. Kristoffer Johansson 263
8. Per Andersson        261
Team 21 Prod 24
From left to right: 3:rd Anders Gustafson. Winner Lasse Åberg. 2:nd Michael Landrud

Prod junior
Junior. From left to right:  3:rd Martin Helgen. Winner Daniel Ax. 2:nd Simon Gustafsson

Box 12

Last class of the day and event was the Box 12 class.
Anders Gustafson, who took the lead in the third heat, won the A-final in Box 12 in front of Lasse Åberg and Peter Krüger.
1. Anders Gustafson     399
2. Lasse Åberg          393
3. Peter Krüger         369
4. Kristoffer Johansson 368
5. Carl-Johan Runström  362
6. Tom Andersson        328
7. Bengt-G:son Nilsson  323
8. Daniel Ax            320

More results can be seen at Sveslot site.
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