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12 hour Åtvidaberg 14-15 August 2009

Åtvidaberg track

Åtvidaberg MK hosted the annual 12-hour Open 12 race this year.
Previous years we have been hosted by Hjärup Slotracing Center in Hjärup in the south of Sweden.

The track was built by Lars Harrysson  with help of the club 2007 and is similar to the ISRA worlds track of 2008. If you like banana turns you will be more than happy here.

The practice started on Friday with all eight teams present. With four drivers in each team you have a lot of drivers that like to practice and learn the track.

In the evening the premises was closed down and we all got onto a small guide tour by a "train" followed by a boat ride when we made a stop to see and listen to the sound of a sun canon.

Right outside the track
The view from outside the track building

Train ride
The "train" ride

Brian on boat
Brian Saunders

Peter Karlik
A happy young boy (future slot-racer) on the boat ride

Sun canon            Sun canon
The sun canon house and another happy "boy" adding gun powder

Åtvid track
The track

The eight competing teams are:
Fabulous  Four  (S)
Tommy Berggren, Christer Helgesson, Dan Gustavsson, Birger Elfström 

Shoes for Pigeons (UK+S)
Brian Saunders , Graham Woodward , Keith Gibson , Carolin Karlsson

ART Antero Rokka Racing Team (SF) 
Kari Sinisaari , Emilia Sinisaari , Heikki Sinisaari , Harri Kangasmäki 

Ahead of Time (S)                              
Mikael Landrud, Anders Gustavsson, Michel Lorin, Lars Åberg

BWF (Ben with Friends) (UK+S)        
Ben Woodward, Daniel Ax, Christoffer Karlsson, Eric Signal

Fast and Furious  (S)                          
Mikael Svensson, Torbjörn Wågman, Mikael Gustavsson, Torgny Nordgren

Cuba Libre  (CZ)                                 
Jiri Karlik, Pavel Flaisig, Jaroslav Recek, Vladimir Horky

Bohemia Sekt  (CZ+S)                            
Stanislav Polic, Petr Kysela, Jan Zemlicka, Simon Gustavsson

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