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GO-69 40 year celebration  June 13

40 year
The club, with this name, was founded 1969 as Gothenburg-69. The founders already had a club named Team Tequila but when the club grew and was becoming a member of the Swedish Motorsport Federation it had to change name. They first tried with VAT-69 but was not allowed so they then took the name GO-69 after the year it was founded.
The first Wing Car Worlds driven was organized by GO-69. The race was held in Gothenburg 1978 in a shopping mall.

Saturday 13 June they had their 40 year celebration inviting a lot of their old and current members.

They day started with a Production race open for everyone and in the evening was a race for "VIP" members. The evening ended with dinner and some more racing which the members enjoyed heavily.
Lap timing system with a new logo for the day

GO-69 track
The track

In the production race it was Eric Signal who topped the chart after qualifying with a 5,385 lap in front of Janne Ekman 5,390 and Michael Landrud 5,420.
Qualifying results here.
In the race it was Michael Landrud who dominated from start to finish winning with over 20 laps.
1. Michael Landrud   427,73
2. Kennet Signal     406,97
3. Janne Ekman       405,25
4. Eric Signal       403,87
5. Lasse Åberg       393,57
6. Torgny Nordgren   392,24
7. Lasse Törn        386,24
8. Pigge Elfström    385,58

Main results here.
Total results here.

You can read more about the race on GO-69 site. Here is a link to a swedish text. Even if you don't understand Swedish you can enjoy pictures on that page.

We who raced the production race could now relax and walk around and talk to all people.
For many, who have not raced for decades, it was getting serious now for their racing.

Janne Andersson and Peter Bäckström
Janne Andersson and Peter Bäckström.

Peter Myrberg
Peter Myrberg and Berndt-Inge Pettersson

Mr. Berra
Mr. Berra

VIP race cars
GO-69 provided the cars to be used for this race.

Bjarne Lilliendahl, Henrik Ekwall, Krister Martinsson and Danne Martinsson
Bjarne Lilliendahl, Henrik Ekwall, Krister Martinsson and Danne Martinsson

After practice and heats it was time for the main final with the drivers Bjarne Lilliendahl, Henrik Ekwall, Krister Martinsson and Danne Martinsson.
The race was close with Bjarne and Danne sharing the lead halfway and Krister and Henrik sharing third place behind.

In the third heat it got even closer with Bjarne on 69 and Henrik, Krister and Danne on 68 laps.

When the last heat was run it was Danne on top with 139 laps followed by Krister and Bjarne on 137 and Henrik on 133 laps.

VIP winner Danne Martinsson
The winner Danne Martinsson

GO-69 members
Some of the old and current members

The VIP race cars
Mia Ekman          Lasse Törn
Mia Ekman                                                                             Lasse Törn


After dinner we had a good time talking and racing.




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