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Sveslot Salooncupen round 2
SSC, Stockholm, Sweden, 28 March 2009

SSC, Stockholm Slotcar Club, was the host for the second round of Sveslot´s "Salooncupen".
The two classes run were Production 1:24 and Open 12.

Most people turned up on Friday evening, tested and then went away for a pizza. After returning to the track and digesting the pizza they were eager to practice again.

Torgny Nordgren running the bar

New extra pit places


Production cars
Production 1:24 cars before qualifying

28 drivers in the field.
Top qualifier was Michael Landrud, 4.498 followed by Michel Lorin 4.588 and in third Simon Gustavsson 4.656

Qualifying results here.

Production qualifying
Production qualifying

Directly from qualifying all drivers moved into five main finals.
In main E Joel Hallberg was victorious with 294 laps.
Main E results here.

In main D, which was close, saw at the end Mr. Berra as winner on 317 laps followed by Elin Mood 312 and Johan Thorsson 305.
Main D results here.

Main C Robin Lundmark was fastest turning 313 laps closely followed by Viktor Bergman on 312 and Viktor Thorsson 310.
Main C results here.

Main B. Kenneth Signal was the fastest from start and won easily with 343 laps. In second Thomas Werner 324 and in third Martin Granberg 323.
The places 2-4 was close with Axel Werner on 322.
Main B results here.

Main A. The top six qualifiers. This main was fast but also saw a couple of hard crashes. One of them sent Michael Landrud and Stefan Törnfeldt to the pits for repair.
At the end it was local Michel Lorin who won on 362 laps which also was the most laps in all of the mains. Second in main A and second overall Simon Gustavsson. Third was Daniel Ax and that  was good enough for a total fourth place.
Main A results here.

Total top 6 results Production Junior and Senior drivers together.
1. Michel Lorin        362.70
2. Simon Gustavsson    350.05
3. Kennet Signal       343.30
4. Daniel Ax           339.45
5. Michael Landrud     330.25
6. Thomas Werner       324.30

Junior  Production
1. Simon Gustavsson     20
2. Daniel Ax        
3. Axel Werner      
4. Elin Mood        
5. Viktor Bergman   
6. Victor Thorsson  
7. Joel Hallberg         9
8. Filip Mood            8
9. Jakob Friberg         7
10. Eric Signal          6

Production 1:24 Junior
Production Junior 1:24.
From left to right: 2:nd place Daniel Ax. Winner Simon Gustavsson
. 3:rd Axel Werner

Senior Production
1. Michel Lorin         20
2. Kennet Signal    
3. Michael Landrud  
   15 + 1
4. Thomas Werner    
5. Martin Granberg  
6. Robert Hjelm     
7. Berra Ljungdahl       9
8. Robin Lundmark        8
9. Stefan Törnfeldt      7
10. Helene Bergman       6
11. Ove Halvarsson       5
12. Johan Thorsson       4
13. Gabriella Hermansson 3
14. Rolf Ax              2
15. Lars Friberg         1
16. Cristel Falk         1
17. Thomas Schüler       1
18. Jens Gustafson       1

Production 1:24 Senior
Production 1:24 Senior. From left to right:
2:nd Kennet Signal. Winner Michel Lorin. 3:rd Michael Landrud

Total results here.

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