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Åtvidaberg Nyårsrace
2 January 2010

Åtvidaberg track

Saturday 2:nd January the slotracing club in Åtvidaberg hosted the first race of the year.
The intention with the race system was to let everyone race a lot so the race system used meant that everyone got the chance to drive two rounds, or more, of 8*x minutes which was good.

Production Standard 16D

Saturday started with Production 16D for the junior drivers. They were eight drivers to give them a lot of driving the all drove both semi finals and a main final.
Linux Bergman won the main just in front of Jesper Bromesson with Izac Gustavsson in third.

Result semi final here.
Results main final here.

Production 24

After the standard 16 D class the normal production class was run.
From qualifying everyone went into four quarter finals where the top two moved to two semi finals. The rest had a second chance to advance trough heats. The makes the race day long but gives all drivers a lot of racing.

Qualifying was a one minute qualifying, not lap times, and was won by Michael Landrud on 10,64 laps followed by Daniel Ax on 9,90 and in third Mikael Gustavsson 9,66

During the quarter finals lunch was served. Good tasting pie was served.

Results quarter finals here.
Results second chance here.
Results seminfinals here.
Results main here.
Total results here.




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