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Åtvidaberg 12-hour challenge
12-13 August 2011

For the third time Åtvidaberg MK hosted the 12-hour challenge. The race is for teams with four drivers in each time. The cars are the Open 12 rules limited to Bentley bodies.

Most, if not all chassis, were Horky.

The small but powerful canon in the lower left corner
Photo: Sumalee

On Friday it was practice and all teams were there.
In the evening the event was "started" with a bang from a small but really loud canon.
All teams had to do the varpa game shich decided the picking order for starting lanes.

On Saturday the race started.

Atvidberg 12-hour cars
Starting grid

Racers at around half way point of the race
From right to left: Carolin Karlsson, Jiri Karlik, James Cleave, Daniel Ax, Martin Hoyer, Kari Sinisaari, Michael Landrud. Missing is driver from Fabolous Four team.

Short movie clip here.

You never go hungry at races in Åtvidaberg. Friday evening dinner was served. On saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner were part of the event all thanks to the dedicated people at Åtvidabergs MK.

Slotrace cafe
The slotrace café

Dinner for saturday is prepareddinner steaks
Dinner for saturday is prepared

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