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It used to be only a page over Swedish Champions here but now, thanks to Jan Andersson, Stefan Törnfeldt and Ulrika Hermansson, we now also have a list over European and World Champions.
We, Janne, Stefan and I, have been around for a while and we thought that we remember who won were. But when trying to write it down you notice that you think you know, but you're not sure.
Since I started slotracing in 1974, I have saved all invitations and results from races that I attended. But I don't have enough. I was amazed to see how much results I had from some races, still missing the main having warm-up results, qualifying, heats etc.
We hope you like it.

Swedish National Racing

Gothenburg 1000 updated  31 August 2011

RL Survivor G-7  updated 1 December 2003

RL Nats Champions G-7 updated 12 Aug. 2003

RL Nats Champions G-27 updated 11 April 2002

RL Nats Champions G-10 & G-15 2001

RL Nats Champions 1/32

1/32 Ranking Sweden new 22 February 2005

1:24 Production Scale Sveslot Saloon Serien upadted 24 November 2005

GO-69 6-hour scale race. Gothenburg's 6 hour race. Updated 23 May. 2006

Wing Racing


Swedish Champions updated 27 Jan 2002.

Riksmästerskap Sweden G-27 & G-7 updated 6 Jan. 2003.


Finish Champions (pdf-file)

Finish Champions updated 5 April 2003

European Championship

European Champions G-7 updated 23 March. 2011

European Champions G-27 updated 23 March 2011

World Championship

World Championship Qualifying G-7 updated 7 June 2012

World Championship Qualifying G-27 Updated 7 June. 2012.

World Champions G-7 updated 7 June 2012

World Champions G-27 Updated 7 June 2012 (World Champions top three only)

World Champion G-27 Light 1-8 New 24 May 2010

World Champions G-27 Light, Updated 24 May 2010

World Champions G-7 One Motor Updated 7 June 2012

US Nats Champions

US Nats Qualifying G-7  updated 18 February 2011

US Nats Champions G-15 updated 18 February 2011

US Nats Champions G-7 updated 18 February 2011

US Nats Semi-Pro Champions updated 18 February 2011

US Nats G-27 Champions updated 18 February. 2011

US Nats Cobolt 12 updated 18 February 2011

US Nats Senior Open G-7 updated 18 February. 2011    Craig Landry Memorial Race


Nordic Championship G-7

IMCA Revenge races 1983-2004 new 11 Jan. 2005

Scale Racing and Model racing

World Champions Eurosport 1/24 Updated 13 Oct. 2012

Model Car World Top 3 1985-2001 New 10 December 2001 Supplied by I.M.C.A.

Finnish Championship Eurosport 1/24 Updated 30 September 2007

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