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The story about Eskilstunas track, continued

After we took the track apart we moved it from Eskilstuna to Stockholm.
Lunkan had found a place at Slakthusområdet, an industrial area where all the meat industry is, or used to be located.
Do you remember the Rocky movies? In the ceiling you can see part of the things you use to attach hooks to hang meat on.

From left to right:
Mats Hummel
Tomas Becker
Roger Fröberg
Hans Linder

The same people again, posing for the photographer.
Here you can see the batteries.

Their weight is more than 2 tons!

They were not fun to move.

Tomas Becker have just figured out that if you connect 6 cells you get 12 Volt but you could, of course, connect 7 or 8 or 9 or... going incredibly fast, for a few yards.
Our plan here is to use the batteries for both the road-course and the drag strip.

Hummel thinks it's better to build good motors that go fast on 12 Volts rather than use old junk with choke on 16 volts.

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