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The story about Eskilstunas track, continued

So far it looks good. The track was moved and within 4 weeks it was put together including extra straights! and changed layout.
During January 1998 the work continued but halted at the end of that month when we had a scale dragrace.
But what happened after that?

During spring we were all busy with drag- or slotracing. I prepared for the Worlds in the US and other stuff.
During the summer it didn't happened so much and going into fall the we had some dragraces and the dragstrip was also out at some fairs and motor shows.

I didn't spend so much time there so when I one evening came into the building and saw an empty room, a room where our slotracing track should be, I didn't know what to believe.

The location for the track was rented, one month at the time, very cheap. We never expected that the owners would need this building, not in a forseeable time. However, we were wrong. At the end of October I believe, Tobbe heard that we had to move out from the building before the 1:st of December. We all hoped and believed that we could sort that out, either finding a new place or by some other miracle be able to store all things away while searching for a new place.

The track does not exist anymore. The batteries are gone and I thing that a lot of us are tired about the whole thing now.

Before feeling more depressed you know click here and take a look at some of the pictures from the last dragrace we had in that room.
(The images have higher resolution than needed so it will take some time before you see all of them).

I had planned to have some images here but everything happened faster than I had expected when I at the same time had a cold.


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