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25 November
Koford Engineering, which has been based in the Chicago area for more than two decades  has moved out south-east from Chicago and Illinois and is now based in Winchester, Ohio.

21 November
Jean Pierre Roos used to write alot about slotracing in I.M.C.A. Euro-Slot magazine.
At I.M.C.A. site you can find a fascinating story, "The history of slot-racing" starting at 1899!
As you could guess slot-racing is not that big in the "3rd world" as in the western socities.
The economical factors plays a large part and this is also what the story covers.
The link to it.  Befare of the consequences, if you like it you will be sitting in front of your monitor for hours.

Slotracing link can be found on many web sites. IMCA has a good one with a link to it here.

Brasiliero 2004. Mikael Silén of Sweden and some from the U.S. are down to Brazil for the 2004 Brazilian Championship. Here is a result page for the races done sofar.

15 November
Haven't you all had ideas how to improve your work enviroment. Here is a solution from a German company for your conference room.

27 September
During this weekend some of the SSC members were in Västerås, north of Stockholm, at a model exhibition. Slotcity, in Västerås, has a drag strip and they had that working. Anders Lattermann has done a story, in Swedish, about it. There are some nice short movies from the drag strip. It's the the first links you find on that page. So check it out.

31 August
The last two months has been hectic. It involves vacation, from work and somewhat from slotracing, but when you are not home and can prepare for a race it gets more busy those days you are home. And if you are home and do something else, well then...
Mikael Silén is a master in the art of calling me the days I do laundry.

The days when you are busy people often call to hear how you are doing. That does not mean so much for me since I often use a head set. I guess that Michael Landrud's days before the Scale Worlds were full of phone calls. I tried to be nice so I only called him every second day to hear that he was all right :-)

During Scale Worlds I was surprised how little time I had left despite the fact that it should have been plenty of time to do more chat with people and maybe even see something of the town. During the IMCA Nat's I thought that we would go out and have a nice dinner and so but the best,  worst and only "restaurant" we saw was Mac Donald's.
The IMCA Nat's was a nice race. Okay, the crashes were many and the practice, after Grp. 7 somewhat cramped but it was a nice atmosphere.  You had a lot of nice racers from all around the world and it was nice to see faces behind names you have read about.
M.R.T.Uden has a nice place with a large bar where you can hang around and talk with people. The weather was pleasant so you often found the smokers outside the building.
I hope I.M.C.A does not stop here.

The Scale Worlds in Lund had not been possible without a lot of people using there vacation working for free and the I.M.C.A Nat's had not been possible without the help of a lot of people but we should not forget that a driving force has been Lars Harrysson for Scale Worlds and J.P. van Rossem for I.M.C.A Nat's. Without them nothing would have happened. Let's not forget that.

So, now it is a time of laziness  until Saturday and the next race and then 14 days before the European Championship. Talking about E.C. Sadly it seems that the a lot of Swedish racers are not racing this event. It is however understandable looking at the last few weeks of racing. Still sad.
I will attend the race but only arrive late and drive Grp 7. so I am not without guilt either.

6 August
July in Sweden has given really bad weather but now, when everyone is getting back to work it look like we are getting 25-30 degrees. Since hotels normally don't have air condition it could be "fun".
Gugu has arrived in Lund and I will be there on Saturday evening for the ISRA Scale Worlds. I do not have any laptop with me so results will hopefully be found on the official ISRA site. If I can find a computer at the race track I might be able to write something or publish images.
The ISRA Worlds starts with practice on Saturday and then it's on for seven days.

After the ISRA Worlds we will have a week off and then it's time for IMCA racing in Holland and in Belgium. The new US Champion, Paul "Beuf" Pedersen will be attending the wing car races in Uden, Holland.

29 June
The summer is here, almost, but there is no time to relax with the upcoming ISRA Scale Worlds in early August, IMCA races in the end of August and the European Championship in September.
In the north of Germany the Nascar hard body enthusiasts has had their annual  Northland 500 race.
SSC, (Stockholm Slotcar Club) had a delegation there and SSC´s Anders Lattermann has on his site an excellent report.

8 June
The new track for the Scale Worlds has had it's first race and except for a software glitch in the Spytech lap timer everything worked fine. The scale worlds 7-15:th of August  ( will be next big race.
Later the same month I.M.C.A hosts the Ultimate G7 race in Uden, Holland at the 24:th of August followed by G-12 racing and it ends with model races in Aalst, Belgium.
At the moment there are some sponsor problem which affects the travel incentive for some racers. Hopefully things will work out fine.

4 April
Monday race again. Last weekend scale racing in Växjö, Sweden, in two classes. The weekend before that we had a scale race in Västerås, Sweden, where we raced in four classes and, we raced each class twice. The weekend before that I raced in Kouvola, Finland. Since I haven't raced so much lately this was almost to much.

Mario Schöne won the latest race in Plzen on a new track record. 1091 laps in the main.
He ran the main with 1 feet of choke and used two motors only. The first motor was a 8-mag set-up with a 74,5 armature. The second motor was a 6-mag piece with a 84,5 armature.

25 February
They have been driving fast at Port Jeff again. 1115 laps in the main and a qualifying with seven drivers between 1.65 to 1.70. You can read a story about it at I.M.C.A's site.

Do you feel frustrated from time to time? You shouldn't but sometimes...
I built a bunch of wing car bodies the other weekend and a few days after I was going to pin them to the chassie when I noticed that the fiber adhesive tape didn't stick well to the side dams. Strange.
I had used a new clear tape to reinforce the side dams and it seemed that other adhesive tapes did not like to stick on top of that. Since I had started with the side dam, than this clear tape and after that all other reinforcement it felt rather frustrated.
But I shouldn't feel frustrated, right?
It clearly says so on the label here.

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