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15 December
Moved to another web server hosted by Hummeltech.

The year of 2005 is soon over and we are all looking forward to the 2006 season. After the wing car Worlds in spring I did not do any more wing car race instead I tried my luck with scale cars in the British Championship and the Worlds race at Malta.
I did not really clean everything as I should after the worlds so I have some work to do there before I enter the next race.

Scale Worlds. Place for the Scale Worlds is not yet 100% decided but it is likely it will be in Italy.

Wing car Worlds. The Wing car worlds will be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as planned. Date is 17-21 May 2006. There will probably be some more link and info on the NPRA web site

The European Championship has a different date than what we are used to and also the country has changed.  The new date is 9-12 March 2006 and place is Kouvola, Finland. I have already bought my flying ticket so the decision to go there is already taken.

7 December
1.5 million cars. That is the amount of "slot cars" that Carrera produces every year for their plastic home sets.
Yesterday evening I turned on the TV and saw the end of a reportage showing how the Carrera F1 1:32 cars were produced. The production is in China.
To my amazement a lot of the steps were done manually and not by robots. The painting on the helmet were done by hand as well as a lot of other things.
Quality? How many of the RTR motors that's around has been tested?
After assembly they tested the car and checked the amperage. The last test was done by a bunch of girls that tested the cars on a figure 8 track with one huge bank at one side and one flat turn on the other.
When a new design/car arrives in Germany Carrera  has some "favorite" clubs and drivers who's opinion of new cars is noted.

6 October
Finally I have closed my suitcase and slot box for the trip to Malta. I worked hard during the weekend so that I would have spare time for taking a look at miscellaneous things and to be able to pack everything.
I knew from the trip to Kouvola that my luggage were to heavy and now, with Air Malta, it's 5+20 kilogram instead of 8+20 kilogram.
Compared to Kouvola I guess I have shaved of approx. 5 kilograms so I should now be on the limit but on the right side I hope.
Did you know that the weight of a pair of jeans can be 700 grams and that a stapler weights 200 grams and ........ You learn a lot :-)

Having packed everything already is a luxury for many. I know that Matti Fyhr has not yet started to pack and when I write this it's 22,30 and his flight is probably the earliest available between Finland and Sweden. He then have to wait five hours or so until the continues his trip.

Due to this weight "watching" I will not bring any laptop to the race and therefore I will not make any race report. I hope to give you some pictures afterwards.
The official site for the scale worlds is and hopefully they will be able to give you a day to day report.

21 September
Mini Racing Team Uden has an invitation out for their combined races for Grp 12 motors 5-6 November where they race on both their tracks. Check out the invitation here.

12 September
Douwe Banning, from Holland, has a race story and results from the European Championship on his Uden site.
The story under the news sections is here
Race results here.

10 September
2005 European Championship for wing cars is over.
In the G-7 Warm-up race Mikael Silén from Sweden take the win.
Group 27 saw Vlado Okali from Slovakia.
In the main G-7 race race Mikael Silén were again victorious. In second place Vlado Okali and in third Mario Schöne.
4. Zdenek Benes
5. Stefan Törnfeldt
6. Jari Porttinen
7. Juha Yli-Sipola
8. Peter Krcl.

1 September
The European Championship for wing cars will be contested during 8-10:th of September in Plzen, Czech Republic. The Czech's are posed to be strong on their home soil especially after their strong performance in the World Championship where the finished first, second and fourth. Peter Krcil, who finished second, has been over in the States competing in the US Nats so he shouldn't have lost any pace during the summer.
Sweden will be represented by Stefan Törnfeldt and Mikael Silén. I planned to go there but I have bean stuck abroad traveling. I am actually writing this from Seoul, South Korea.
I was in Japan last week and I saw a cool TFT monitor. 65 inch size. Here is a picture.

15 August
My vacation is over. I have worked for a week now. During my vacation I took a trip to England and raced their British Scale Championship as I have wrote about.
Right now US Nat's wing car racing is on and they have raced the Group 12 classes.
The racing continues and ends this weekend with the Pro Group 7 class.

The upcoming weekend also sees some scale racing. In Sweden, Hjärup Slotracing Center runs their 12 hour Open 12 scale race with a lot of international racers. The Czech team sees Antonin Vojtik replace Jaroslav Recek. With Antonins knowledge of the track together and Pavel Flaisig and Jirka Karlik the team is pretty strong.

28 June
The Wing car worlds for 2005 is now over and unless you plan to go to US Nat's you can relax a bit now.
What you should do is to rebuild everything you used. You should figure out what to improve and take the chance to do that during the summer but, it's summer and you deserve a vacation.
I do.
The first weekend during my vacation I will take a trip to the U.K thanks to low price Ryanair. Lars Harrysson, Michael Landrud, Anders Gustafson and I will take a mini holiday in England and race in their Scale car British Championship. A "vacation" in the vacation so to speak.

In case you neither need to rebuild or test equipment nor gone race you could paint bodies. Here is a nice article called Painting 101 found on the Old Weird Herald BBS.
In case you do not own a hair dryer, take it easy with the heat gun :-)

24 May
During the first weekend of May there were international races. Model cars in  Belgium and scale cars in Germany.
In Belgium, IMCA hosted the IMCA 2005 Nats (link).  Salvatore Noviello won the DTM class just in front of Nick de Wachter.
In Germany Blue King Minden hosted their German Masters. In Eurosport Grp 12 the Czech Jiri Micec took the win. Eurosport 1:24 saw another Czech take the win, Michal Radkovic.
(Result link)

23 March
This weekend Hjärup Slotracing Center hosts Swedish Masters on the same track as was used for the 2004 Scale Worlds. For you who were there and want a reminder or for you who wasn't there I have done a short intro or trailer of the opening of the World 2004. You have two choices. Both files are approx. 10 MByte large. It might be wise to right click and then Save the movie.
Crank up the volume and sit back. 640 by 480 pixel in Windows Movie Maker format or 320 by 240 pixel avi coded with divx 4.

10 March
Tomorrow I fly to Finland and I am going to race in Kouvola on their superfast King track. They host races this weekend for wing cars in G-7 one motor, Grp-27 and G-7.
As has happened quite often recent years I am late preparing but, it should be plenty of time
there :-)

Last weekend Åtvidaberg had the second round in Sveslot's Saloon cup. That Mikael Palmqvist won the Production junior class is of no surprise. In Open 12 Ove Halvarsson took home the win. This is the second race in a row that that "rental" car wins. Last time out it was in the hands of Mats Andersson.
Production senior was won by Anders Gustafson who also took home the win in Eurosport 24.

On Sunday they raced Box 12 senior and Michael Landrud was first. Box 12 junior saw Mikael Palmqvist take yet another win and in G-27 light Michael took his second win for the day.

28 February
A story, in Swedish, from the 1:32 races in Stenungsund 19:th of Feb. and the following sunday race in Partille can be read at Go-69 web site. quick link to story here.

Sveslot's Saloon races. Invitation to Åtvidaberg can be found at Sveslot.

In two weeks time Kouvola hosts another race on their super fast Per Persson King. They have also put up their web site for the upcoming World Championship.

6 February
On my way back from Kouvola I visited the house of Iso-Aho and borrowed his computer. The race director from Kouvola, Hannu, had already then published results on their bulletin board. Check out results from Finland here.
After some sleep I will write more.

3 February
Wing car racing? No, I have not stopped doing that. I am leaving on Friday for a "smaller" race in Kouvola, Finland. Results from that race on Monday

2 February
Mike Swiss is no longer at Koford Engineering. When the company, the slotracing part, went out of state Mike decided to stay in Chicago.
On Old Weird Herald slotcartalk I found some images of him and what he is doing at the moment.
Here are  three 1, 2, links to pages in the same thread. (Same thread, you can either just choose one link and then click further or using the three links).

17 January
Just spending some time. A colleague at work gave me a wonderful link to something that is slotracing orientated. A  LP record. The site, however, call it "Uncategorizable Awfulness".
Here is the link to "The Exciting Sounds Of Model Road Racing".

7 January

My 2005 season started somewhat early with a local 6 hour race. It was after that I discovered that my ISP, Bahnhof Bredband (Internet Service Provider) did not have their web servers fully functioning and with no information about it on their information pages. This is not the first time that they have problem or does maintenance work without even notifying their own help desk. So for today I will have a temporarily site running and during the upcoming weeks I will move the pages to some other place.
If you want to see what the Swedish Sveslot has planned for 2005 you can check out their official pages (just in Swedish) here.
The dates for races are planned that the larger races races should not interfere with similar ones abroad.
Keep on racing.

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