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30 October
The upcoming weekend in Sweden has opportunities for both scale enthusiasts as well as die hard wing car racers. In Västerås, one hour north of Stockholm, Sveslot hosts the last round in "Skalacupen" racing Production, Open 12 and Eurosport in 1:24 on saturday and Box 12, Grp-27 wing cars on Sunday.
Traveling 9 hours north of Stockholm and you reach Norsjö where "Riksmästerskapet" in wing cars is held in several classes with highlights on Grp-27 and G-7.
This race will have a international look since five six Finnish drivers will attend the racing.

24 October
The first weekend of November I will pay a visit up north in Sweden. I was close to say far from civilization but since they have a handful of slotracing tracks within an hour I rest my case.
Norsjö MS  and Per Persson are hosting "Riksmästerskapet" on the Pepe king.
(link to the page but with the old track not the PePe King)
Link to pictures of the track

4 October
At the end of this week I am heading to Italy for the Scale Worlds. The practice starts on Saturday and the racing ends next Saturday. Looking at the time schedule indicates that there will be no time for any sightseeing.
Newspaper articles. In a Swedish newspaper this article about an old track was found. That's in Swedish.
Another Swedish article about "Team Vallas herrlag " that skips their volleyball practice for some slotracing.
Dads are important in slotracing. An article about Daniel Ax and Mikael Palmqvist preparing for the Scale Worlds in Italy.

20 September
Commercials. We had a film crew at out club that made a tire commercial (wmv format) for a major car manufacturer. I found that a really cool commercial has been done for Mazda.
See the warning. "Closed slot track. Do not attempt".
The link for the Mazda movie here.

18 September
Here is a link to the Blueking Club in Germany who will host the 2007 European Championship in the wing class category. The date is 8-11 of March 2007.
Quite cool. They have a one lane HO track which look like a King track.
Mario is practicing already

15 September
The 2006 ISRA World Championship looks to become a largely contested event. The total entries are 141 drivers! Incredible.
135 in Production, 99 F1 1:32, 115 in Eurosport 1:32 and 122 in Eurosport 1:24.

In Sweden some drivers take their chance to a WC warm-up by racing the "skalacupen" in Hjärup

Next year the European Championship for wing cars will be held in Germany. They are hosting their first race on the track first weekend of December. I will update soon with more information.

Polar bears do NOT walk on the streets of Norsjö, where Per Persson lives, but they do have a couple of snow mobile stores there. They also have a PePe King track on which rumor tells a G-27 and G-7 race is going to be held in November.

You can (if you can read Swedish that is) read more about the 12 hour race in Hjärup at Go-69s homepage. Click on "GO-69 News" and then on "Referat" and new nr 10.

21 August
The 12 Hour Endurance Challenge is over. Somehow I, again, thought that I would have time over to walk around and talk with people and to work on some cars for next weekend. Again I got surprised that when the race started you only had 20 minutes every one and a half hour to rest. Your duties were Mechanic, Driving, Resting, Marshaling. And so it went for 12 hours.

Brian Saunders left Sweden on Sunday and headed directly to Spain for the 2006 Barcelona  IMCA Nats. Other racers with a long travel are Gugu, Chris Radisich, John Emmons etc.

Testing and testing. On the IMCA web site there is a test on model cars motors that Kai Kivekäs has done. I liked the way it was done. The procedures, oiling etc. One of the most important parts was also present. The reference.

8 August
The 2006 US Nats is now over and a new G-7 champion is crown. New is maybe an overstatement. Beuf has won the title several times before. Second came P.A Watson, an old G-7 champion and third was Vlado Okali.
 I doubt that any driver in the main were below 30 year of age. If  that means experience is so important or just a lack of younger drivers in field I don't know but my guess is that the lower classes have evolved so much that goal to drive G-7 cars isn't there anymore for many drivers.
In G-27 Gugu won and looking at his tech chart revealed that his car was anything but the normal one. For the last years it has more or less only been two three choices of chassis, bodies etc. in each class but here something new came up.

Upcoming races on the scale scene is a team race. The Hjärup 12 Hour Endurance Challenge at the 18-19 of August in Hjärup, Sweden.

Just the days after, 20-23 August, the model racing scene sees the  IMCA Nats in Barcelona, Spain

In England their national scale championship is held August 26-28.
Brian Saunders will either be super fast and motivated or tired to death since he is competing in all the three above races traveling to Sweden and then directly to Spain and ending his racing week back in England.

Wing car racing in the south parts of Sweden has almost died out but in the north it's different. The small town/village of Norsjö (map) has a new King track and they plan to host a race late fall/early winter. They are now looking for a good date for the race hoping that some of the Finnish drivers can competer. Dates that they now are looking at are the two last weekends of October.

The European Championship for wing cars 2007 will be contested in Germany.8-11:th of March 2007. Hopefully there will be some race on the track prior to that.

6 July
As you have seen I have not written much about races or slotracing lately. The explanation is easy. I have not taken time to go to races, to practice or to call around and find out what is going on.
What does that mean? Not much. Just prioritizing.
In August, 18-19, Hjärup Slotracing will host their annual 12 hour race and I will compete in the Janne Ekman squad. Team Jeltsin. Scale racing.

Later the same month, August, I will try my luck with Ryanair (already bought the ticket) and traveling in a rental car with Lars Harrysson. Last year the rental car trip was kind of entertaining. This time I will arrive several hours earlier than he and Landrud and I am leaving earlier than them so I hope they will give me a ride in time for my plane. Scale racing.

If we move on to October it is time for the ISRA World Championship which is held in Italy. Ticket bought for that also.

Slotcar Bulletin is back. Last issue came around this time last year and many of us were afraid that the magazine had gone under. In the latest, but hopefully not last issue, there were a lot of material from the fall races. Hopefully Paul will be able to continue with his magazine.

The World Championship for wing cars were held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Results from the NPRA site can be found here. Click on the class of your interest under the text RESULTADOS.
The G-7 results are really nice done. You can see the laps for each heat and racer. Great.

Have a nice summer.

2 April
Last weekend I raced in the Swedish Masters and I had first planned not to take part in the Saturday Open 12 race but the week before Stefan Törnfeldt was nice to offer me to use his Open 12 car. Then at the track another racer was happy to lend out his car, Brian Saunders, so I suddenly had two cars to chose from.
I enjoyed the racing very much having the chance to try how other peoples cars are set-up.

I had planned to write more about the race but did not have time enough.

After the race ended on Sunday we, Torgny Nordgren with family members, Michele Lorin and I drove back to Stockholm which took more than six hours.

I was home just before midnight knowing that I could not yet go to sleep since a taxi would come at eight o'clock in the morning to take me to the airport and I had not yet even started to pack my clothes and items needed for my work. I got four hours sleep which is not by far enough after a slotracing weekend. Somehow, regardless of how early a race ends in the evenings you do not get enough sleep. So, after that short sleep I had 20 hours of traveling before I reached my target.

10 February
I spent some quality time surfing the web and found two interesting articles. The first one is a company that now sell wing car chassis made out of carbon fiber. The other article, written by Larry Blanton, describes the step how to build a wing car body.

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