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13 November
Upcoming races.
The first weekend of December GO-69 in Sweden hosts the annual Gothenburg 1000 with the Production 24 and Eurosport 24 classes. Se invitation here.
The same weekend BlueKingClub in Brühl, Germany hosts German Open. A wing car race which can be seen as the warm-up race for the Worlds which they host 20-25:th of May 2008. Information here.

Yesterday I was at the SSC track outside Stockholm. We had planned a small "come after work" race with controllers and cars fixed to the track. Not so many showed up but we had fun. This was probably one of the the first times in Sweden that the Falcon motors have been tried.

30 September.
Camen lovers?
I don't know if Per Persson is a Camen lover but they sure have a purple track.
While I was away the third round of  the Scandinavia Slot Racing Super Cup was raced in Norsjö, Sweden. The one motor G7 race was won by André Eriksson.
Leo Hongisto was victorious in the main G7 race and in Box12 it was Rickard Jonsson who was on top.
Images and some stories can be found on the Norsjö pages of the HYPE homepage.
Race results from SSRSC III here.

This year the European Championship for wing cars was organized by the Blueking Club in Brühl, Germany.
For the second year running they are hosting the German Open at the end of the season. Nov30-December 2. See schedule here.

9 September (14, 21 and 23 september updated with some unnecessary images)
At the moment I am abroad working actually wishing I were home so I could prepare for the I.S.R.A Scale worlds in Slovakia.
I took some photos today which can be found on this page.

8 September
Last weekend  the last race in the Swedish ISRA cupen was held in Partille.
Anders Gustafson and Stefan Törnfeldt won the Production 1:24 class.
In Eurosport 1:24 Michael Landrud was the winner.
In the 1:32 classes Anders Gustafson topped both the Eurosport and the Formula class.

Final standings after running the three races sees Anders Gustafson winning on 206 points followed by Michael Landrud on 196 and in third Tobias Lestrell 138 points.

Next weekend, 15-16 September, has options in Sweden both for wing car racers as well as scale racers. Norsjö MK organizes the third round of the Scandinavian Slot Racing Super Cup and Åtvidaberg MK has their first race on their brand new scale track.
They have up to this summer used a track which I draw the designs for back in 1983-1984. That track was built Pelle Axelsson and have been used since then until early this summer.

28 August
I have today returned from the BSCRA National Championship in England. I flew out from Stansted and since it was tuesday I recognized at least 14 speedway riders on the plane.
Tuesday is the race day for elite league speedway in Sweden.
I have to work a little bit longer at my job and then do some washing tonight so before I have had time to write about the weekend you can find information and images on Kevin Gray's web site.

12 August
I was afraid of rain but prepared for it. Already the first two days of my vacation it more or less rained the whole time. I had four weeks of vacation, rare, and only went one day to a lake to swim and the some sun. What did I then do during my vacation. Well, meeting relatives, doing some work on my summer house and building some bodies and chassis.

I don't have any good access to computer or Internet so updates on this site has been none as you have seen. But now I am back home.

Next weekend I will go down to the south of Sweden racing in a 12-hour Open 12 team race. Se more at Hjärup Slotracing Center -> Tävlingar -> 12-timmars. There will be teams present from Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland and United Kingdom.

The weekend after the 12 hour race it's time for the British Nat's held in Leicester, England.

I will get home on Tuesday afternoon after the British Nat's and then I am leaving on a business trip for three weeks but will be back home for over one whole week before leaving for the Scale Worlds in Slovakia.

Internet. Just before my vacation I got an email from Pat Skene in Britain who informed me about some movie clips from BSCRA races. Go to  and in the Search box type the word bscra
If you type the two words  ssc slotracing  you will se a 7 minute clip from a TV program from my home track showing model  racing (Pla-Fit style)

14 June
Åtvidaberg motorklubbs bana är till salu. Se mera på och datumet 2007-06-13

Åtvidabergs motor club will move to another building and there they will have a new track. The old track is now for sale. Picture and contact person can be found on Sveslot site click on the data 2007-06-13 to read more.

2 May
Last weekend Slotcity Västerås hosted Östcupen, part of the Sveslot's series.
Slotcity, has a lot of images on their web site here.
Results can be found on Sveslot's site under Tävlingar -> Resultat -> Serie Öst 2 i Västerås.
Mikael Palmqvist had a good weekend winning Box 12 wing and Production 24 junior. His clubmate Daniel Ax was second in Box 12 with a lot of other club members in the main both in Box12 and Production.
Senior winner in Production 24 was Ove Halvarsson.
Standard 16D winner Victor Andersson.

17 April
Last weekend the second round of Salooncupen was held in Boxholm, Sweden. The track is a six lane track. Length somewhere around 40 meters with a layout similar to a King track.
The track has been around for a long time. 1983 I became Swedish Champion in the G-7 category on this track. Today it is hard to understand how we were able to handle open there.
For you who know Lars Harrysson, he was second or third 1983 in that race.

Back to the race in Boxholm last weekend. I wasn't there myself but what I have heard was that there were about 40 entries in Saloon (production) and 30 in Open 12. Michael Landrud did well. Again. We will hopefully soon se results on Sveslot's site.

5 April
Easter weekend sees the second race in the SSRSC (Scandinavian Slot Racing Super Cup) and it is now time for Mönsterås, Sweden, to host the round This will now be the third race weekend in a row for me. (invitation) 
A lot of the Finnish racers, and a few swedish, were at the European Championship this year. Otherwise for many of the Swedes it has been a long time since they did a G-7 race.
Team 21 in Mönsterås hosted the RL Nat's for many years but now it has been a while since we raced G-7 there and during that time many racers have done racing on the super fast almost full speed King tracks so I believe that coming to the race knowing the set-up of the car isn't the case for anyone.

After easter weekend Sveslot's hosts a scale race in Boxholm, Sweden, where rumor says that Rune Syvén will show up.

5 March
Last weekend Team Sigfridshell Slotracing, in Växjö Sweden, hosted Sveslot's Salooncupen 1 and Sydcupen 2. Results are not yet published but.....they had 54 entries. Well done.

In 1982 Växjö MS were the host for the European Championship for wing cars. It was then an eight lane track. Later on they put on a new wooden surface and made it into a six lane track which is what they race on today.
Växjö MS is a rather large motor club which is involved in many different types of motor sport. Stefan Johansson, the 1997 Le Mans winner and former Ferrari F1 driver is one famous driver that started his career in Växjö MS.

25 January
Two weeks ago the Finnish racers started their scale season. The upcoming weekend in Sweden the swedish "ISRA" series has it's first round in Hörby less then one hour from Hjärup.
The weekend after that the Scandinavian Slotracing Supercup, (long word) has it's first wing car meeting in Laihia Finland.

Have you checked out the entries for this year Swedish Masters. 53 entries. Can be found here.

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