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15 December
Not so much updates recently. The reason for that and my absence from races is a very long holiday.
I am currently in Asia. To be more precise in north east Thailand at the moment. Did just get to Thailand after doing a visit to Cambodia where I saw the Angkor Wat temple complex. Some temples were built in the 800:th century.
Within a few days I will travel south, probably via Phuket and then to Singapore. I might, if I get time, visit Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

30 October
There is a new scale track in Malmö, Sweden. Malmö is just across the bridge from Copenhagen in Denmark.
They have their first race on the 39 meter, 6-lane track, November 1.  Invitation and some track info can be found on the Sveslot site. Invitation here.

23 October
The ISRA Worlds is over now and everyone should be home by now except maybe for Gugu.
ISRA home page is now updated with the new ranking.
Horky is, as ever, still on top. James Cleave and Matti Fyhr collected a lot of points. Read more at the ISRA ranking page.

17 September
During the BSCRA championship (ISRA Warm-Up) a TV crew was there. If you like to see how this years ISRA worlds track look like or you are missing the face of Brian Saunders and Horky you can refresh your mind by checking out this TV clip on YouTube. (Requires Flash installed).

25 August
Invitations to a lot of Swedish races this fall can be found on Sveslot's site.

14 August
It seems that Brazil will have a huge attendance at the upcoming U.S Nats. At the moment it seems to be 16 drivers spread among the classes. We know more after technical inspection.

13 August
On Friday starts the USRA Wing Car Nationals. Slot Cars of Katy in Texas is the host.
First class up is the Spec 15.
There will be racing every single day all the way to next Sunday, August 24 when the main class, the Pro Group 7 is run.

The 12-hour Endurance Challenge is the attraction in Sweden for the coming weekend.
There, it will, probably be possible  to take a look at the 2008 ISRA Worlds track before it is transported to England for the coming warm-up race and British Championships.
I will enter the "Ahead of time" team in the Endurance race.

My plan was to take a train from Stockholm down to Lund. A nice 5 hour ride. Instead I will have the luxury to go by car together with three members of the "U137 sometimes on top" squad.
They promised to pick me up shortly after four in the morning. "Nice" compared to having to sleep late and then taking the train :-)

22-25 August the ISRA 2008 warm up race / BSCRA 1/24 Nationals is held. It will be on the brand new 2008 Worlds track. The venue is this time in Cranfield, not in Leicester as it has been the last years. More info here.

September 20 Mönsterås, Sweden, are hosting races in the series "Serie Öst" on their Per Persson Blue King track.
Classes are Production 1/24. Open 12 and the wing car class Box 12.
The local racers will be tough to beat in the Box 12 class.

31 July
12 hour Endurance Challenge (Open 12 scale cars)
The teams and other information for the 12 hour Endurance Challenge at Hjärup Slotracing Center at 15-16 of August can be seen at Hjärup Slotracing Center site.

I.S.R.A World track.
The first pictures of the track can be seen here. I believe that the track is painted now and will be delivered during the 12 hour Endurance Challenge race.
The first race on the track will be the BSCRA 1/24 Nationals 22-25 of August.

S.S.C (Stockholm Slotcar Club)
The Hasse Nilsson Hillclimb is no longer a Hillclimb. The proper high speed banked turn is gone and the other turns that had a few degree of banking (or bending) are now flat.
This has now changed the track from a typical wing car type of track to more of a scale track. The radius of some turns are slightly larger than on some typical scale tracks though and, of course, there are neither any S-turns nor any banana shaped ones.

4 June
The NEC, North European Championship in scale cars is this year held 13-15 June in Åtvidaberg, Sweden.
Organizer is the local motor club ÅMK (Åtvidaberg Motor Klubb). There are almost 40 racers in the Eurosport 24 class. More information at their home page.
Link to ÅMK

20 May
I have not yet seen the results from Minden scale races but I assume that Gugu was there racing on his way to the wing car worlds in Brühl, Germany.

The practice is open for the wing car World Championship. The racing starts wednesday 21:st with the Grp 12 class. The next two days follows the Grp 27 class.
The Grp 7 cars hits the track on Saturday starting with the one motor race and then the main class is up finishing on Sunday. More to come.

5 March
It has been a long time since I last time updated the pages. I have been abroad a couple of weeks working and then it has been a lot of work home so I have not yet been to any races this year.

Team 21 in Mönsterås hosted the first round of the 2008 SSRSC (Scandinavian SlotRacing Super Cup). Box 12 was won by Michael Landrud in front of Anders Gustafson and Bengt G:son Nilsson.
The G7 OMO (One motor race) saw Juha Yli-Sipola in front with Anders Gustafson in second and Jyri-Ville Pouttu in third.
G7. Another Finnish victory. Jari Porttinen together with second placed Juha Yli-Sipola broke the 1000 lap barrier. In third Leo Hongisto.
Info can be found at the Team21 forum.

It is not many days left now until the 2008 European Championship for wing cars is on. It is held during the 13-16:th of March in Laihia, Finland. The track is similar in turn radius to Mönsterås but  probably faster.

In early April BlueKing Club in Brühl, Germany, hosts a warm-up race for this years Worlds

A couple of scale races has been driven in Sweden including the retro cup in Stenungsund.
Check out results at Sveslot site at the resultat pages.
Races = Tävlingar.
Results and similar in Swedish = Resultat, Resultatlistor. Ställning.

6 January
It's a new year and the web site for the ISRA 2008 worlds is open and already with entries..

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