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20 December
Today I did throw away so many tires that it hurted to see them in the waste bin. I have bought a lot of tires during the years and I have always saved them in my large refrigerator. The coldness in the refrigerator have keept them in good shape for long time. Two weeks ago my refrigerator gave up and I had to move all stuff that were there out to the balcony where the temperature was cold but not freezing.
After I replaced my refrigerator I did not put back the tires until today. I had a lot of tires that were just breaked in but with type of rubber or hardness that I know I don't use neither for G-7 racing nor scale racing. Over 30 pairs. It's tires I used for a G12 race or high speed Saloon etc.
Now they are gone.
Then I saw some really good G7 qualifying rubber, or rather, used to be good, orange.
I did save them but not in the refrigerator anymore.
Something tells me that important things like Koford magnet glue, J&B Weld, tires and other things may have to give way for eatable things. Not in a hurry yet but after got married I "presume" some things may/could/will change.

In Sveslot (the Swedish Slotracing Association) the new Saloon champion is Michael Lorin. He won in front of Michael Landrud.
Link to the results at Sveslot
(Eurosport & Saloon together)
20 October
The ISRA Worlds is over now and Horky is, as always, very strong.
Website for ISRA is not yet updated but there will come new ISRA Standings later.

Upcoming weekend is time for the Finnish Championship for wing cars with contestants from all over the worlds despite the title Finnish Championships.
More to come.

10 August
The US Nats is over for this year and Beuf  were back in the G-7 top again.

The upcoming weekend Åtvidaberg MK crew are hosting a 12-hour Open 12 race, which previous years have been in Hjärup.
The teams and more info on their website here. Click on the link "Åtvidaberg 12-hour Team Challenge".
The Czech's is coming with two teams this year and the British team, "Shoes for Pigeons" drafted in a female driver in their team.

3 May
Lane Master results from Finnish Eurosport race April 25 here

28 April
Race results from last weekends race at the ISRA 2009 Worlds track here. (outside link to pdf file)

27 April
As you have seen I have neither raced for a long time nor updated the pages.
I hope to correct that behavior somewhat.
Last autumn was busy at work and after that I took a long vacation in November and December.
When I came back in January a reduction work force had been done and I had been moved to another group since my old one had almost totally disappeared after the reduction.
I don't know if I do any races in May but I hope to do some i June and in August.

The last two three weeks a lot of scale races has run in Sweden and Finland.

The 2009 Worlds track hosted a race this weekend. Waiting for results from that race.

This weekend a round in the Swedish "ISRA cupen" was held in Partille.
In production 1:24 it was Anders Gustafson and Lars Harrysson who won in front of Michael Landrud and Christer Helgesson. Third team was Kennet Signal and Lasse Pettersson.

The Eurosport 24 class was won by Eric Signal in front of Torgny Nordgren and Danne Ax.

In Eurosport 32 it was Anders Gustafson who was victorious followed by Janne Ekman and Michael Landrud and finally in Formel 1:32 Lasse Törn took the win followed by Michael Landrud and Anders Gustafson.

Danne Ax, still a junior, did well this weekend with 3:rd place in ES24, 5:th in ES32 and 5:th in Formel.
Direct link to PDF result page at Sveslot

Second week in April Swedish Masters was run in Hjärup on the 2004 ISRA Worlds track.
In Open 12 Brian Saunders, UK was on top followed by Jaroslav Recek, CZ and Antonin Vojtik CZ.
The Eurosport 24 class saw Jaroslav Recek, CZ take the win with Brian Saunders, CZ in second and Anders Gustafson, SWE in third.
Direct link to Hjärup Slotracing Centers result pages for Open 12
Direct link to Hjärup Slotracing Centers result pages for Eurosport 24

Stockholm Slotcar Club ran a Slot-Z race this weekend. Skarpnäcksloppet.
A model car race with Mini-Z bodies on top of chassis like Sakatsu, Momo, Pla-Fit.
Some pictures can be found here.
With the results on the following page here.

3 February
January of 2009 opens with two new tracks in Finland, both tracks in the same place. One scale track and one King track. Last weekend they held the first race on the King.
I have not yet got all results but, the track is fast.
Juha Yli-Sipola won the G-7. His lap total, on a brand new track. was 1142 laps.
Winners of the other classes: Anders Gustafson was victorious in G7 one motor and in Grp 12 Box stock.

22 January
After having a wonderful and long vacation I am back to the (un)pleasant darkness and coldness  of the winter.
I am trying to catch up on everything. A lot of emails to read and answer.
ISRA web site needs updates. I have not yet worked on my cars.

Today I surfed in to the IMCA web site to catch up on the activities at the model cars. Sadly I saw that one of the great wing car racers Martin Gramann have passed away. He was a multiple European Champion.
A long time ago, 1983, Anders Gustafson and I had the pleasure to visit him at his home in Vienna.
I raced against him many times and I have a lot of nice memories.

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