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28 August
There were no vacation for scale racing during the summer.
In June the NEC (North European Championship) races were held in the small town Sindi in Estonia and in August Åtvidabergs MK, in Sweden, held the traditional 12-hour race.
Results from these races can be found at Sveslot here.

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Google are good and after being in contact with them and they did check the contents they removed the warning.

10 March

This weekend two races scale races were held with international attendence.
Italian Masters in Parma, Italy and Scandinavian Masters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In Copenhagen two classes was run, Open 12 and Eurosport 24.
Unofficial results from Open Group 12
1. Jirka Karlik
2. Steen Michaelsen
3. Pavel Flaisig
4. Christer Helgesson
5. Olli Kantamaa
6. Anna Kantamaa
7. Jan Zemlica
8. Bo Åkesson

Eurosport 24.
1. Pavel Flaisig
2. Anna Kantamaa
3. Olli Kantamaa
4. Christer Helgesson
5. Erik Noltensmejer
6. Bo Åkesson
7. Jan Zemlicka
8. Jirka Karlik.

In Italy Paolo Trigilo was on top followed by Raivis Jansons and Claudio Battastini.

20 January
Not so much really if we talk about slotracing. As many of you know I got married a couple of years ago.
That I am now a father to a six months old son with the name of Adrian might not be so known.  Here is a link to our New Year card.
I moved out the last stash of tires and donuts from the kitchen. I did survive that. It only means that baby-food won over slotcar tires regarding space in kitchen.

If you want to compete in European Championship for wing-car racing you better hurry up preparing. The race is 13-17 March in Plzen, Czech Republic.
For scale cars and the World Championship there is a little bit more time, and more cars to prepare. A new venue, for most of the racers, are Kiev in Ukraine. The race is in October but there are plenty of opportunities before to try the track.

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