(den här sidan är inte klar just nu, utan kommer att fungera som en enkel beskrivning av olika däcktyper. Just nu ligger ett exempel ute)


Beskrivning av olika däcktyper

Tire types
All terrain tires are the most common, and are designed to be used anywhere, and specialize in giving you a smooth ride. They also give you the longest treadwear on hard surfaces.

Mud tires are obviously going to give your ATV a lot more grip and control in the mud, with really deep lugs that angle from the tire center to the sides. Mud tires in general don't give you a smooth ride on hard surfaces, but with so many tires on the market these days, you can look for ones with the right balance for your needs.

Sand tire treads have big paddles on the back, and aren't good on other terrain at all. These are really specialty tires.

Racing tires are usually designed for medium or hard packed trails, and have lots of smaller bumps in thier tread pattern as they are built for speed


Snödäck är en variant på sanddäck. Därför går även dessa anv. i sand. Detta gäller även Sanddäck som går att anv. i snö. (alla är inte lämpliga).