A fast, spacious, and safe catamaran based on the Gepard moulds

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General features:

  • The basic idea is to achieve an easily handed family cruising catamaran with superior finish and form to minimal effort and cost, by the use of the Gepard main hull female moulds. Main dimensions are:
    • LOA 8.0 m
    • Beam 5.5 m
    • Mast height 12 m
    • Main sail 30 m2
    • Self tacking jib 14 m2
    • Screacher (roller reefed) 30 m2
    • Gennaker (for the racing oriented) 60 m2
  • The outward step of the hulls are cut away 25 cm to only leave 5 cm for spray deflection and to facilitate easy alignment of the interior. The hulls will hence be 1.95 cm wide at shearline. The deck is to most extent built using one-off construction with flat panel sandwich sheets.
  • The cockpit reaches the foot of the mast, and will be a safe and protected place during sailing, and offers excellent view forward. In rough weather, a sprayhood is raised in the forward part, also covering the hatches. At harbour, a table can be fitted in the cockpit, and the sprayhood can be connected to a cockpit tent. Forward access is over the forward seats or, if the sprayhood is raised, on its sides on the roof, or on the sidedecks, which are approximately 25 cm wide.
  • The port hull contains a 2 m saloon around a table, a 1.5 m pentry with full standing headroom, and a double bunk forward. The saloon can be converted to a double bunk if needed.
  • The starboard hull contains a 2.00 x 1.55 m dive-in double bunk with 1 m headroom throughout. Forward is a 1.5 m long dressing area with full headroom, followed by an enclosed head.
  • Leeward resistance can be arranged in several ways, by daggerboard(s), centerboards, or by keels. The shown example is the option with 2 daggerboards.
  • Safety will be assured by the great width of the boat and well separated hulls, together with low windage, low center of gravity, and high bridgedeck clearance. Contributing safety factors are unsinkability and crash compartments.
  • Performance will depend on final weight but will, if built light, be very good, up to about 50% faster than a keelboat cruiser of similar lenght! In any case, the hulls are most likely to float a few cm higher than shown in the drawings below, even when loaded.
  • Like all catamarans, the absence of heeling increases crew comfort enormously. Shallow hulls allow beaching and entering shallow bays.
  • Interested? Contact me for further discussion! Details are naturally worked out together with the prospective builder

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