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Cruising in Gepard

Gepard is ideally suited for holiday cruises with the family. With the stable ride, combined with the roomy interior and shallow draft, exploring the coast is enjoyed in great comfort! And the 30 m2 main sail is close to the maximum sail area that can be handled without a winch.

Test sails in central Stockholm



In early August the Swedish multihull association SCTS arranged a test sail opportunity for new and old members in the scenic central waters of Stockholm. Private owners of both trimarans and catamarans showed their boats and went out with guests for short test sails. The Gepard XL Acinonyx went out twice. Everybody enjoyed the sailing although there was hardly any wind, but a lot of ferries! In a small puff, we got up to 7 knots but that was it. People commented on the nice large deck area to spread out on, the generous interior volume, and the pleasant motion due to the low weight of the boat.

To provide for extra beds

Recently, we had two guests aboard, adding up to a total of six persons. One guest could sleep in the forepeak, but the other one? The solution was to use a one-man tent secured on the side net.

To enter the side hull bow from land

Gepard has flat and wide decks on the side hulls so it is easy to walk on these. Yet, it can be quite tricky to enter the bows from land. An idea that was tested with great success was to use the jib halyard to the forward bow of the side hull, with a knot about 1 m up. The halyard was further secured with the spinnaker sheet going through this knot, from the main hull bow to the side hulls aft beam, creating a very safe handhold when entering the side hull bow from land.

A summer trip by Lilltrim

In 2007 Lilltrim (Gepard no. 2) with a crew of two made a 1000 M trip during 4 weeks up along the Swedish coast north of Stockholm. Enjoy the photos and the breathtaking nature. Note the optional boom tent turning the cockpit into a veranda.

Lilltrim cruising 2007-3

Lilltrim cruising 2007-2

Lilltrim cruising 2007-1


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