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Gepard is a trailable performance cruising trimaran, originally designed by Stefan Törnblom for Gabriel von Euler and Kurt Svensson.


Gepard no 5 is for sale

Launced only a few years ago, there is now a uniqe opportunity to acquire a Gepard! Read more here

Acinonyx wins Swedish national multihull championship 2015!

Among 38 competing boat, the Gepard XL Acinonyx came out first in this national ranking serie 2015. Read more here

An easy way to hoist the sidehulls

It can be slightly cumbersome for a single person to hoist the sidehulls into position when assembling the boat for the sailing season. Until now!

Gepard #5 build in progress

The interior of Gepard #5 is now taking shape. Here are some pictures!

Four Gepard's show up at Gran Prix 2011

For the first time, four of the Gepard's got together at the Gran Prix race and showed impressive perfomance. Here is a report.

The rebuilt Gepard #3 is now launched

After a winter of extensive renovation and modification the Gepard#3 Lilla Åskan is now lauched. Read more here.

Gepard #4 has been weighed

Gepard SWE 4 has now been weighed, the scale stopped on 1074 kg. More about weights here!

Gepard #3 undergoes renovation and several modifications

The original Gepard designer himself, Stefan Törnblom, has succeeded to aquire Gepard #3 (former known as Quick Step). Now, he has commenced an extensive renovation and modification plan to incorporate his latest ideas.

Tests sails in central Stockholm

Many people took the chance to test sail a Gepard in the scenic central part of Stockholm. Not much wind, but everybody had a good time nevertheless. More here!

Gepard #4 gets new rig and sails

Gepard SWE 4 has now changed it's rig and sail to state of the art material. Enjoy the photos!

Gepard XL finishes fourth in SCTS-mästerskapen 2009

Gepard XL Acinonyx finished 4th out of 51 participating boats in ranking serie SCTS-mästerskapen.. Read more here.

Gepard XL comes in third in Ingmarsö Race 2009

No wind the first day and 18 m/s the second, this year's Ingmarsö Race was challenging... Read more here.

Gepard XL wins Gullviverallyt 2009

In mixed conditions and tight competition, Acinonyx won the total on corrected time. Read more here.

Gepard XL finishes fourth in Lidingö Runt 2009

In strong winds and strong competition, Acinonyx came in fourth out of 28 starting multihulls. Read more here.

Gepard XL Acinonyx weighed

Gepard XL Acinonyx was recently weighted to 1454 kg, not bad for a 9 m cruising boat with full standing headroom and with comfort details such as enclosed head, heater, and refridgerator. Actually quite a bit lighter than current production boats in the same lenght range. More weight details here.

Gepard XL finishes fourth in Kålö Race 2008

Seven multihulls entered this two-day race. Very light winds on the first day, so an earlier finish line was used. Read more here.

Runt Lidingö and Gran Prix 2008

Two lightwind races in the Stockholm archipelago with Gepard trimarans entering. Read more here.

Gepard XL finishes 3rd in Ingmarsö Race 2008

A sixth place the first day and a first place the second day in strong winds... Read more here.

Tacking angles

Now there is a screen shot showing tacking angles of Gepard going upwind in a narrow sound.

Races in early season 2008

The racing season has so far encompassed four races, Lidingö Runt, Ornö Runt, Archipelago Twostar, and Åland Runt.

Cruising tips

Trouble to find beds for 6 persons aboard or to enter land from a side hull bow? Good solution are found here and here, respectively.

Cruising in Gepard

Gepard is excellent for cruising. A long distance trip made in 2007 is reported in the new cruising section.

Gepard XL achieved a shared fourth place in Stockholm LYS Cup 2007

Only 7 multihulls fulfilled the ranking criteria, read more here.

Gepard XL finishes second in SCTS-mästerskapen 2007

Gepard XL Acinonyx finished 2nd out of 45 participating boats in ranking serie SCTS-mästerskapen.. Read more here.

Runt Lidingö 2007

Gepard XL Acinonyx finished 10th on corrected time in a 15 M race with moderate winds. Read more here.

Gepard XL wins Gran Prix 2007 in heavy wind conditions

Gepard XL Acinonyx won first place in a 23 M race with winds gusting to 15 m/s. Only twelve out of twenty multihulls completed the race. Read more here.

Ingmarsö Race 2007

Gepard XL Acinonyx, entered without gennaker, came in in a disappointing last place in this 2 x 18 M race. But it was tight, read more here.

Heavy weather sailing

When the wind get stronger, one must reduce sail area. When this is done, Gepard continues to sail like a dream, safe, and under full control. More on heavy weather sailing is found here.

Gepard no. 4 presented

Gepard no. 4, which is presently without name, is one of the lightest Gepards built to date. It has some non-standard solutions for the rig and interior, but is naturally as roomy as all Gepards. Photos and features of this boat are now presented here.

Gepard XL 2nd in multihull class in Gullviverallyt 2007

Gepard XL Acinonyx secured a second place overall in a windy regatta which inclused four short races. Only four out of the eight competing multihulls completed the race. Read more here.

Gepard XL 14th in multihull class in Lidingö Runt 2007

Gepard XL Acinonyx was therefore one of the 47 boats (out of 439 starting) which succeeded to reach the line before the race closed. Read more here.

Gepard XL 1st multihull in Stockholm LYS Cup 2006 (Swedish only)

Gepard XL Acinonyx erhöll "1:a plats i flerskrovsklassen i Stockholm LYS Cup 2006 vid alternativ beräkning". Read more in the new racing section.

Launcing of a new website!

In response to a constant demand for information about Gepard trimarans, it was decided to set up a website dedicated to these wonderful boats. This site will hopefully be of value also for the current Gepard sailors. It will contain basic information about Gepard trimarans, as well as any exciting news that may appear. Initially, texts will be in English only, to attract the widest possible audience, but later on I may produce the pages in Swedish as well.

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