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Acinonyx at Gran Prix 2005Racing

Racing performance is largely due the compentence (and luck) of the crew, relative the competence (and luck) of the competitors. In handicap racing, the determination of handicap ratings naturally influence the final results on corrected time, but much less so than most racing sailors tend to think! Also, most handicap systems doesn't manage to handle equipment at any detail, so any well equipped boat will have a distinct advantange.

Gepards have done very well on the Swedish racing scene, with victories on Lidingö Runt and Gran Prix. Gepard has also on several occasions won the Multihull Championships that is awarded yearly by the Swedish Catamaran and Trimaran Sailors.

The great majority of all sail boat races in Sweden are performed under the SRS rating system. This system allows rating and competition among all types of sail boats. More information of SRS for multihulls is available here. Photo by Mats Johansson.

SCTS-mästerskapen 2015

The Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M) won the Swedish national multihull championship "SCTS-mästerskapen" 2015! SCTS-mästerkapen is a ranking serie open for members of the Swedish Catamaran and Trimaran Sailors. This year paticipated 38 competing boats. All officially sanctioned races in Sweden are eligible, where there are at least two starting multihulls. Full results are found here.

GranPrix 2011

This year's Gran Prix attracted all currently sailing Gepard's to come together for the first time. Everybody was keen to show the superior performance of their boats against the competition, not the least against the other Gepards! Lilltrim came with a new bowsprit arrangement and a new screecher. Furthermore, it was the racing debut for Gepard no 4 and also for the newly launched and rebuilt Gepard no 3 Lilla Åskan. In fact, Lilla Åskan proved to perform best among the Gepards by finishing 5th among the 28 starting participants. Well done! The other Gepards, Lilltrim, Gepard no 4, and Acinonyx, ended up with respectable 9th, 21st, and 23rd places. Photos by Mats Johansson.








SCTS-mästerskapen 2009

The Swedish national multihull championship "SCTS-mästerskapen" is a ranking serie open for members of the Swedish Catamaran and Trimaran Sailors. All officially sanctioned races in Sweden are eligible, where there are at least two starting multihulls. The Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M) was awarded a shared 4th out of 51 Swedish multihulls participating in the altogether 13 races. Full results are found here.

Ingmarsö Race 2009

This year, Ingmarsö Race was really full of contrast, with no wind from all directions (!) on Saturday and strong and gusty headwinds on Sunday. The light and variable wind on the first day was exhausting, with the gennaker going up and down multiple times. At some time we on Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M) were in the leading group, but not managing to reach the wind in the final shortened leg, ending up last of the seven participating multihulls. The next day, the wind was 11-14 m/s gusting to 18 m/s in the nose. In the slightly calmer start area it was decided to go un-reefed, which later showed to less wise, since the wind increased a lot thereafter. The top of the main was of no use and only contributed to resistance, and it couldn't be sheeted in properly, with lousy tack angles as a result. Constant attention at the tiller was required and in some gusts the boat really dipped the side hulls deep into the water. But the boat behaved well and spilled out the wind, and nothing broke. In fact, my crew daughter managed to use the head twice during the 18 M course! Only two of the seven multihulls completed the race, and withdrew for various reasons. We came in second, and third overall. Full results are here. Photo above kindly provided by Felix Bäckstedt on a competing keel boat at a wind of 14 m/s. Note my daughter's barely visible yellow hat!

Gullviverallyt 2009

Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M) won the multihull division in this four day regatta with chase-start that included four short day races between harbors in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. Actually, the second day's racing was cancelled due to too little wind. The first day brought light winds, mostly downwind. The third day came with rain and with winds of 8-12 m/s. The start was in sheltered water but soon there was a fast halfwind, followed by a long downwind leg wherefrom the picture is taken. Everything under control. My daugther crew with her green rain hat can be seen down below in the cabin getting something to eat, and she steered without any problem while I set or took down the gennaker. Gepard was the only multi to set the gennaker and that payed off, managing to pass all the 82 participating keelboats and the only multihull, a cruising cat, starting before, therefore succeeding to the first boat to finish. The last keelboat was overtaken a few hundred meters before the finish line. Top notation was 14.9 knots, average speed over the 16.5 M course was 9.53 knots! The final day was a very light mostly upwind race. It was very tight between the first three boats on corrected time, but the marginals was on our side this time. For full results, see

Lidingö Runt 2009

This year the 13.5 M round the island type of race Lidingö Runt took place in rather windy conditions. At the start around 6-9 m/s with gusts, increasing to 10-12 m/s and gusts at the finish. A top notation of 14 m/s was recorded on another trimaran. At the very start, it was actually not that much wind (see the photo to the left), and we on Acinonyx started to leeward a few seconds late and raised the yellow-white gennaker right away (see a nice shot by Marcus Dahlberg). It was slightly crowded, so on a few occasions we had to release sheets instead of bearing away in the gusts, but did otherwise fine. We went upwind with a few tacks on the norhern side of Lidingö. In the end we did a few bad tacks, but succeeded to stay away well from the first large racing monohulls, two of which managed to overtake us. After a short time in lee of a small island, we run fast in a halfwind and passed one of the monohulls again. We came in fourth on calculated time out of 28 starting in our class, two of which retired. Our sailing time was 2:06:43, corresponding to an average speed around the course of 6.39 knots (calculated on 13.5 M, including tacks). A movie showing Acinonyx at the finish is here (3:58-4:14). Full race results are here

Kålö Race 2008

Chase starts were used in this 2 x 22 M race. We started first, before noon in almost no wind, trying hard to get the gennaker to fill. The first hours it was so light that one boat gave up in frustration and turned on the engine. Later on in the afternoon, a breeze filled in and the six remaining multihulls of the fleet barely made it going upwind to the moved finish line, after more than seven hours sailing for only 13 M! Most of the boats then turned on the engines to be able to reach Kålö before it got too dark, but some enthusiasts sailed on. The second day, it was more steady conditions with 3-4 m/s in the back. Gennakers were up during the whole day. Gepard XL Acinonyx came in fourth the first day and fifth the second, and got a fourth position overall. The organizers race report is found here. Photo above kindly provided by Mats Johansson.

GranPrix 2008

LilltrimGran Prix is a 18 M race with an extra 5 M loop for the multihulls. This year, it was very light winds, especially for the first starters, and it was a chasing start. Later on the winds stabilized on approximately 4 m/s. The 5 M extra loop became a downwind-upwind track this year, and the initial downwind run was frustrating slow sailing with jib alone. It rained all day so it was very difficult to get any information from the tell-tales! A cruising cat gave up quite early in the light conditions. Acinonyx and two other multihulls sailing with jib only finished in the bottom of the list. In contrast, Gepard no 2 Lilltrim, the only other boat sailing with jib alone, did very well especially upwind and finished in an impressive 8th place. Take-home message is that down-wind sails are an absolute requirement for light-wind races! Excellent photos from the race by co-organizer Mats Johansson are found here, and enclosed is one of his shots of Acinonyx (left, we really do need to polish those side-hulls...) and Lilltrim (right). Very nice sails, indeed! Race results are here.



Runt Lidingö 2008

This 15 M race around the island of Lidingö was a lightwind and mostly downwind event. Acinonyx did a nice start, see enclosed photo taken by Ulrich Lindberg just a few seconds after the gun. The Gepard is the boat in the middle in the photo, with a white pintop mainsail behind the A-cat with orange hulls. Disappointingly, Acinonyx could not keep up and finished 12th out of 18 multihull participants. Full race results are here.



Ingmarsö Race 2008

top speed 16.5 knotsIngmarsö Race is a 2 x 18 M race in the Stockholm Archipelago, with chase start. Nine multihulls participated and Acinonyx, the multihull with lowest rating and entered without gennaker, came in 6th the first day in medium winds. The second day, on the race home, the wind had increased to 9-13 m/s, gusting to 15 m/s. Acinonyx showed amazing speed, up to 16.5 knots on the GPS, and an impressing 8.44 knots on average, and we didn't have to tack once. No boat passed and Acinonyx thus took line honours and won. The combined result of the two races was a 3rd place. A race report in Swedish is found here.

Åland Runt 2008

Åland Runt is a biannual regatta with 3 races. I sailed alone with my young daughter, therefore entering without gennaker. This was a strong handicap on the first two races. On the third day, the wind was varying and the track shortened so we had to use the engine for two hours to reach the start line. We had a squall and made 13+ knots but then the wind died and we was close to the faster boats. We were side by side with the boat that would come in second this day (and had a higher rating), but instead of follow, we did a tactical error and choosed a different course among the islands, going against the wind. We finished 12th out of 18. Full results are here, and some nice photos here.

Archipelago Twostar 2008

Archipelago Twostar is double-handed race, with two parts. It started Friday evening and we sailed 40 M through the night in the archipelago which never became entirely dark. We reached the finish line 3 a.m. Saturday morning and continued with after-sail chat on the dock until 4.30 just when we decided that it was better to get some sleep after all, just as the rain started and continued through the day. We slept all day and had a nice evening with common barbeque and the rain ceased. On Sunday, the race course was back to the first starting line. We did even better this day finishing 4th out of 13. Full results and nice photos by Johan Björklund can be found here. Adjacent photos are Gepard high-lights from this set..

Ornö Runt 2008

Ornö Runt (23 M) used chase-start. We started almost last, and made good progress upwind and had a beautiful reach down Ornö's outside with the gennaker. We lost a few minutes when the pole got loose due to a stupid mistake, but it could be repaired and we continued with good speed. The finish was very difficult in weak wind and many keel boats. We finished 6 out of 11. 7 out of 9 Formula 18 catamarans withdrew due to the light winds. Full results are here.

Lidingö Runt 2008

The first race of the year for Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M) was the 13 M long Lidingö Runt. It was very light winds, and Acinonyx did well, being side by side to an ORMA 60 trimaran after 1 hour of sailing! But then, there was a light down-wind, and a bunch of large racing keelboats made it difficult to make good use of the gennaker. The north side of the island was against the wind, and in the end the wind increased. We finished 15th out of 29 multihulls, full results are here.

Stockholm LYS Cup 2007

The Stockholm LYS Cup is a ranking Cup arranged by the Stockholm Sailing Federation. The first year only two boats fulfilled the original criteria of participation in at least three races out of a set of specified regattas in Stockholm. Hence, an alternative ranking had to be performed that included only two races, which led to a victory in the multihull class by Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M). This year the requirement of participation (and finishing) in at least three races was kept, but the number of eligible races had increased. Still only 14 keelboats and 7 multihulls fullfilled the criteria. Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M) came in a shared fourth place in the multihull class. Full results are here.

SCTS-mästerskapen 2007

The Swedish national multihull championship "SCTS-mästerskapen" is a ranking serie open for members of the Swedish Catamaran and Trimaran Sailors. All officially sanctioned races in Sweden are eligible, where there are at least two starting multihulls. The Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M) was awarded second place out of forty-five Swedish multihulls participating in the altogether 12 races. Full results are found here.

Runt Lidingö 2007

About twenty multihulls entered this 15 M "round the island" type of race. Winds were moderate and warm. Unfortunately, several boats missed to pass through a mandatory gate, two of these withdraw with honor, and one did not finish. The Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M) came in 10th place, but it was very tight on corrected time between boats 4-11. Full results are here.

Gran Prix 2007


Gran Prix is a popular race arranged by sail maker company Gransegel. In heavy winds, 9-13 m/s gusting up to 15 m/s, Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M) won this 23 M race. Start times were dependent on handicap rating and wind speed prediction, results equalled order of crossing the finish line. Crew consisted of my 9-year old daughter, so we were quite surprised that we could keep the more racing-oriented boats behind. We sailed with full main and jib (no gennaker). The self-tacking jib was really convenient in these tough conditions, requiring little effort when tacking. The maximal speed on the gps was 16.5 knots, and average speed around the course 7.41 knots. Upwind, we tried to stay around 7.5 knots, luffing up in the puffs. Full concentration was required! Only in the strongest gusts, one had to release the main sheet when tacking to turn around. Unfortunately, two multihulls (and one mono) lost their rigs, and others withdraw due to various material failures during or just before the race. A nice photo (copywright Gustaf Morin) of Acinonyx was taken just before the finish line, where the wind was more moderate. Full results are here.

Interestingly, heavy weather races seem to suit the moderately rigged Gepard trimarans fine. In 2002 (and in more moderated winds 2003) Gran Prix was won by Gepard no. 2 Lilltrim.

Ingmarsö Race 2007

IngmarsoRaceIn quite heavy winds, 6-10 m/s, Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M) came in last (out of 7) in the 18+18 M race run on two days. Start times were dependent on handicap rating and wind speed prediction, results equalled order of crossing the finish line. The first day offered mostly downwind sailing which was not very favourable for us who had choosen to enter without the gennaker, whereas the return offered upwind sailing in decreasing winds, which also was unfavourable since the race took longer time than predicted. On both days we were overtaken by the second last boat just before the finish line, very frustrating. In our inofficial after-race analysis, on corrected time pooling both days, it looked somewhat better with us in 6th place, with less than 1.5% difference up to the 2nd boat). The cropped photo to the right shows Acinonyx on the final leg close to the second day finish. Photo generously provided by photographer and copyright owner Tord Lindner. Original is here.

Gullviverallyt 2007

Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M) finished second (out of eight) multihull on corrected time on this four day regatta that included four short day races between harbors in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. The first two days brought light to moderate winds, mostly upwind. A photo by Seglingsbilder (search for Gepard) shows a nice side view. The third day conditions got worse with winds of 12-16 m/s, so a mainsail reef and heavy wind jib was chosen. Only four multihulls started this leg, the other four withdraw due to illness, motor failure, broken mainsail, or unwillingness to risk a new boat. First there was some heavy beating against the wind in high waves. The cockpit stayed dry with only an occasional shower of spray, the boat felt very steady in the motion, and the tiller was as light as always to handle. The only incidence was a mainsail batten which was lost into the sea. After rounding a lighthouse, a half wind run followed at speeds up to 14+ knots (gps). Photos by Seglingsbilder show views from the bow, side (notice the happy waving to the photographer!), and stern angle (my favourite photo). The final leg offered moderate to strong winds so that the normal sail setting could be used again. After two short gennaker legs followed a very nice half wind run where most of the monohulls also participating in the regatta were passed. For full results, see

Lidingö Runt 2007

Lidingö Runt 2007

In extremely light wind conditions Gepard XL Acinonyx (SWE 11 M) succeeded to reach the line with merely 3:43 minutes before the race closed at 19:00 h, after almost 9 hours of sailing the 13.5 M course. In total, only 47 out of 439 starting boats succeeded to finish in time! In the multihull LYS-class, Acinonyx came 14th on corrected time out of 28 starting multihulls (10 of which did not finish). Final results can be found on LSS home page. Photo Arne K. Larssen (

Stockholm LYS Cup 2006 (in Swedish only)

Gabriel von Euler, skeppare på Gepard XL Acinonyx, erhöll ett hedersomnämnande för sin "1:a plats i flerskrovsklassen i Stockholm LYS Cup 2006 vid alternativ beräkning". Totalt deltog 178 båtar. Då endast två båtar uppfyllde de ursprungliga tävlingsvilkoren (deltagande i minst 3 valfria seglingar av 6 namngivna), så beslöt sig Stockholms Seglarförbund för att även göra en alternativ beräkning och räkna in de som deltog i åtminstone 2 av de 6 namngivna seglingarna. Fullständiga resultatet finns här.

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