The future is apps on the mobile platforms. This is our strongest belief and our mission is about to bring the future to your organization. If you are looking for a team that could help you build a great app - we handle projects from the most simple to the very complex.

We are based in the north of Skåne, Sweden. Founder of Appkompaniet is David, currently studying computer science with app development in Lund, Sweden.

We think we can achieve greatness working together. Send us an email with your project, and we'll get in touch. You can't march backwards into the future.

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If you never been motivated about how much calories you burn during your bike ride, this is the app for you. Cykla tracks your bike rides, and shows you the amount of carbon emissions and money you have saved, by taking the bike instead of your car.

Gylsboda friluftsmuseum

Gylsboda. 4 km south of Lönsboda you will find the small village of Gylsboda, former quarry industry, today outdoor museum. Back in the 1870s, they found diabase, 'black granite', and mining started in 1890. By the beginning of the 20th century, there were around 400 men working in the quarry and an industrial community was built up with the most nearly 1,000 residents.

There were shops, cafés, missionary association and sports club. Take a walk in the old industrial society among huge stone piles, the water-filled quarry, cranes, decorated transformationstation and part of the special settlement which is preserved.

This app is your tour guide - and will help you find your way around the village. By the different information boards you may as well find interesting stories about the people who lived and worked in the village.


Sliperiet in Gylsboda is an ideal association that works to visualize and develop the cultural and artistic tradition that long characterized the area around Gylsboda quarry. Follow our development through the app!

Front of me

Make use of the latest machine learning and see if your iPhone could tell you whats in front of you.
This app takes advantage of the latest machine learning techniques and when you tap on the screen it takes a picture and tries to figure out whats in front of you. Using Siri it would then say it to you loud. Imagine what fun you could have with this!

C S Teknik

C S Teknik jobbar med anläggning och byggnadsprojekt. De hjälper kunden med projektering, miljöinventering, geoteknik, mätning, underhållsplaner, besiktning, värmefotografering, projektledning m.m. Hemsidan byggde Appkompaniet under våren 2017.

Örkeneds bränning

Lönsboda Samhällsförening arbetar med att skapa ett minnesmärke i centrala Lönsboda över den plundring som Karl XI genomförde i april 1678. Hemsidan byggde Appkompaniet under hösten 2017.

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