Panicale, a little part of Italy

Luca Cesarini

A guidebook about an unknown part of Italy 

Guerra Edizioni ISBN 88 - 7715 -162 - 5
Perugia, Italy 1998

Panicale, a little part of Italy
is a guidebook that is different from the usual kind. The author takes us to his ancestors' town, in the green heart of Umbria. In this little town you 'll find all that has contributed to make Italy what it is: history, churches, art, food and the Lamborghini cars. We also meet the town people. Inside its walls, Panicale has some 500 inhabitants and the author finds his way to all of them. He takes us straight inside the Umbrian cuisine with its hospitality and shows us where to find the best roasted guinea fowl. He knows where the keys to the seven churches are kept. He lets us take part in the magnificent Easter procession, the grape harvest festival and la Castagnata Panicalese, the chestnut feast in November. We may join in the ordinary day and follow the women when they cross the square to sit down for a refreshing rest around the fountain. The atmosphere is condensed. Timelessness lies heavily over Panicale. Pagan gods, faith-healing saints, powerful popes, and despotic war-lords have forever left their marks on the town. If somebody wants to go outside the walls, he gets tips as to excursions to still more churches, fortresses and vineyards. The author Luca Cesarini was born in Rome 1960. His mother is Swedish and father Italian. In 1980 he left for Sweden. After studies in history of art, he switched over to theology and was ordained a priest in 1989. He serves now as a Lutheran minister in the parishes of Fjärås and Förlanda just outside Gothenburg but is, at the same time, deeply involved in promoting the relations between Sweden and Italy. Occasionally, he takes Swedish groups to visit Italy, also following in St. Brigid's footsteps.

Kerstin Wallin
journalist of the Göteborgs Posten


156 pages,  80 pictures, maps, descriptions, tips!

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