Luca Cesarini

A trip to Umbria in the heart of Italy

Birgittiana ISBN 9789163 3723193

Panicale is a guidebook with a detailed description of the ancient town of Panicale, situated in “the green heart of Italy” as the region Umbria is labelled. The book  takes us on a tour around the lanes, buildings and squares of the town. We will meet with popes who made a halt here hundreds of years ago, with the saints from the surroundings, with pagan gods as well as with today´s inhabitants, who are all keen of forwarding the two-thousand-year-old heritage of the place and its religious and profane celebrations and traditions. We will taste its local dishes, its bread baked without salt, its naturally spicy olive oil and its many appreciated wines produced in the area. In Panicale we will also experience a timeless atmosphere, with its exceedingly fine dividing-line between spiritual and profane life. In other words, Panicale is a place where the present and the eternity have come together.

The author Luca Cesarini, whose father´s family traces its origin from Panicale, was born in Rome by a Swedish mother and an Italian father. After his matriculation in Rome, he left for Sweden, where he studied history of art and theology. He serves presently as a priest in the Church of Sweden in the parishes of Torestorp/Öxabäck/Älekulla. He is also quite active as a lecturer and travel manager.

Printed in January 2013

184 pages
pictures, maps, descriptions, tips

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