This page contains documentation and information regarding Adlerkorps. Right now it does not contain much information, only a few excel sheets for download and links. Eventually, it will contain a brief description of every unit in Adlerkorps.

AFV Sheet
The AFV sheet - will contain all vehicles in AK and stat recalculation for them eventually.

AA Sheet
The AA sheet - will contain all air defence units in AK and stat recalculation for them eventually.

Airplanes Sheet
The airplane sheet - will contain all air units in AK and stat recalculation for them eventually.

Artillery Sheet
The artillery sheet. Contains all the artillery in AK, their stats and recalculations for them. Note that the names of the actual unit in the file might have changed.

Transport Sheet
The transport sheet. Contains all the transports in AK and their transport weight. Not entirely complete.

Adlerkorps unit documentation
This is the raw and very early version of the Adlerkorps unit documentation.

Naval Sheet
The naval units in AK and their Pg2 stats by nation. Done by Dim.

The file loaded into excel
Not available yet.

Adlerkorps on wikipedia
The wikipedia section on Adlerkorps, with concepts and guidelines for AK development explained.

The Adlerkorps FAQ section at the forum.

Contact information to me for comments, questions, queries, statements etc. related to the documentation section.

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