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                             Hello  and Welcome!


My name is Slavisa Jordacijevic. I was born in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1972 , and  was brought up by my grandparents in Ljubicevac which is in Serbia .

I moved back to live in Sweden in 1990 after completing a 3 year Trading and Administration course in Kladovo, Serbia .

I got married in July 1991 with Jasmina Dabeskovic who comes from Grabovica, Serbia .We have two children together, two boys, Daniel born in 1995 and David born in 1998 .


Job :            Machine operator for Findus in Helsingborg.

Education : Trading and Administration,

                  Economics at college level.

Hobbies and interests : shares , music , computers, travel.

Contact information:   Email:


Thank you visiting my homepage!

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