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What´s new?



The Great Aurora of
6 - 7 April. 2000

For Aurora freaks only
Digital photography
Cooled CCD-camera images
Spectrography....a first attempt
Leonids......just a few
The comet Ikeya-Zhang
All Sky image in Halpha
Short Tube Astrophotography (STA)
Zodiacal Light & Gegenschein


The Milky Way from Austria.

Pitch Black Meter

Design hints
Links to people who have done some:

in Japan
in USA
in Chile
in UK
in Iran


This device aquires a quantitative value of the night sky darkness.
The magnetometer

The severe magnetic storm in
late April, 2001 and AR9393.

Severe mag storm of  20011106.
A low noise graph.
Mag.storms of late oct, 2003.



The Aurora and magnetic activities.

Geomagnetic Field:

VLF-IE recording.

SID (Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance)
Some birdlike songs & hiss


Listening to Natural Radio.

I have designed the
world's smallest model
of the Solar System.




Talking of that proliferation of Solar System models here in Sweden.



The Total Solar Eclipse

For TSE-freaks only
The TSE of 2001 in Zambia and some astrophotography in RSA
Temperatures at some Solar Eclipses
Solar Ha page
Spectrohelioscope (SHS)
Partial Solar Eclipse light
A star & a TSE!
The TSE of 2006 in Libya

Allways a fascinating phenomenon.

Solar X-rays: