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Added new tune Krister S - Congas n Bongas.
Added new alias Krister S and new track - Darko Heartbeat - Krister S remix.

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History - The never ending story -
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Emulate and Transplant history

Everything started when Kicko's cousin Micro took him to Dj mixing Championship at Kåren
in Gothenburg. Kicko bought his first music computer Amiga and began with his music creation.
It was the time when trackers like protracker/fasttracker etc was popular.
After a couple of years Vlado and Damir (Kickos cousin) joined in.
Kicko bought his first synthesizer Roland JD800. We used a miditracker called supersonic (tracks & fields).

Kicko, Damir and Vlado worked that time at the NightClub Garage. Because Micro was resident DJ
we got the chance to play some of our music and folks loved it. Because of low quality you couldnt
hear the melodies on some of the tracks, but Micro saved us with mixing in some acid sounds
from other records. At this time we got a new member called Lill Patrik. We borrowed a room where we could
play our music loud (Gamlestads school). Juhani worked there, as he liked our music he joined in.
After that we decided to make 2 groups. Kicko and Juhani became Emulate and the rest was named
Frequency Arena and later The Integrated. The Integrated won the music competition at a computer
party in Skene. After that we sold some demo tapes to Black Market (now Spiral Tracks).

Emulate went more serious. They played on some parties and competed on a radio station called
HQ. After that Jeep Patrik (Purdeys man) become our manager. Because he wanted to help only
one of us, we merged both groups into one, Emulate. Purdeys Patrik fixed a play on Magasinet
and 3 at QClub. We played at a friends (Jarmo) party called Liberation. Later on we got a play on
Packhuset, but we gave it to Miranda, because we got one on QClub the next day.
Our manager Jeep Patrik left us because of personal reasons.

We got fooled by a person whose name is Christian Lerke (Side Step Music). He was kicked
from the Record label. We made 12 tracks and pictures for our CD. He promised us many Live
performances and our story in a newspaper. Later we heard that he fooled many other persons.

Juhani and Lill Patrik left us because of private stuff and short of time. So we decided to have
2 groups. Emulate where Damir and Kicko made house and trance. Transplant where Kicko
and Vlado make psytrance/dark music. We didn't have any performances for a long time, but we had
our music played thru DJ ANTI (Spiral Tracks) and DJ Jarmo. We had a play on Landala pub and it
was good to be back. It was a girl who had birthday so we played for free. Vlado got his first DJ job.
He played in Jönköping 3 times.

The Never ending story

Year 1997: Our summer were in Croatia for one and a half month and we had a great time, couldn't be better.
Great underground party's and a club called Aquarius in Zagreb (House/techno).
The Christmas was great, dancing to Dj Oscar, Moment H, Max Reich, Session and Il Stefano.

Year 1998: Vlado got in love with a girl called Camilla.

The play at Sub 31 january was really great. Emulate was performing for the younger people,
such a energy on the dance floor. The owner changed Transplants liveplay and some of our friends
went home. Not everybody can stay up so long. Transplant had problems with the last track as
the volume was too high (2much booze). Some asshole kicked our synthesizer and there was beer on it,

Liveplay cancelled. Liveplay cancelled again. God i hate when they do like that.

Summer was really great. Swimming, tanning and partying at the Adriatic Sea in Croatia/Split.
Now when they come on 3rd place in Franche (fotball,soccer) they got a bigger reputation and
more people knows of this little and really nice country. Many good party's and DJ's like Daz Sound,
Surgeon, Richie Hawtin (Plastikman), Steve Bug, Martin Landski. Vlado had his 21st birthday in Zagreb
at Club The Best where they played Goa Trance. There are party's nearly every day (including the festivals).
If we had more money and stayed longer we could play on these party's but we had to cancel that.
Sweden here we come ;(

Kicko, Damir, Micro & girlfriends had a beer party at Harley's while Micro was playing mixed music.
Damir and Kicko played poker and won 1000skr :) So the night was really nice.

We feel sorry for all the people that was on the Disco in Gothenburg when the place burned down.

Year 1999: This summer was a really nice summer.

Kicko was in Croatia for 1 and 1/2 month with only 3000kr. 2 days in Zagreb visiting pubs with Ivo and friends.
In Karlovac playing psx, learning some meditation, boxing, para/dragonflying with Tomi and Sebastian.
In Split he was the most of the time with his lovely cousins and their many friends.(only girls).
Many days of tanning, swimming, discodancing, citywalking, looking at the stars, cinema and many
beach/restaurant nights. Too many beautifull girls in Split. 4 days techno/house party called Evolution funk
at the beach called Znjan. Pope of Rom favourite place. It was an after Love parade party for Pero - Fullhouse.
My favourite DJ's were Jeff Mills, MR.C (Shamen), Jean Marie Kone and Dan Briggs. I had many more favourites but
i don't remember their names but the music was so good. To bad i didn't have more money so i could stay
for 2 months more. Damir was there so short (can't live without his soccer).

Year 2000: The play at club Chrome (17 and 18 march) in Gothenburg was a sucess.

Friday was really good as we had alot of energy. The saturday was even greater as the place was full and many friends
was there to give us support. As usuall the younger generation was the most happy and energetic people, giving us all
the support we needed. And it looks like there will be a lot of plays this year. 2000 is a really good year.

Another Play at club Chrome was great even if we had only a half hour to play. Too high BPM's and too short tunes.
It was really hard dancing to the speed. The people was really great, screaming, whisteling and dancing.
The 2 trance girls that danced on the dancefloor near us was the most energetic of all the people at the place.
Damir was there with some friends. Hope to see all of you on the next play.

A group called Eskimos played the same night and we were asked if we wanted to play right after them.
We thanked yes but we had not that much time to warm up. There was not that much people but it was ok anyway.

7 October we played at a club called Viking in the city called Tranås. We only played 2 tunes as they closed early.
It was on the opening of the speciall night called disco dreams. People liked us and some joined on after party at
our pansionat. The club was a really good place to play on but it was so hot in there.

Year 2001: We had a stag party with Damir that was really surprising and mad. The party after church was great too.

This summer was really great. Sun, swimming, drinking, partying as always. Kicko, Vlado and Camilla was partying in
Zagreb at the club The Best. It was full with people and the music was as usual.... Great.
Too bad i didn't meet them in Makarska and Split as we both were in these cities. Vlado too lazy in the heat i think.
I met DJ Frajman in Split at the bus and we talked much on the way to his play in Primosten at the club Aurora.
There we met Dogma that had the party. Really good Croatian musicians and DJ's. Not every day you meet good people.
Especially Frajman as he has always been my favourite DJ. He plays less techno and more tribal house now.

Both Kicko and Vlados picture was a failure because of bad film etc. Damn we wanted to put up these pictures
on the internet, we had alot of good memories from the summer. Bad luck. So we went to a club here in Gothenburg
called Reactor to listen to some Antiloop music.

Emulate did a remix of Eskimoes tune called Inhale. Our first remix for another group. More info in music page.

Year 2001-2004: Damir got a son called Oliver. Kicko got a new Access Virus Indigo II synthesizer and a new
amigaone computer from Eyetech running Hyperions OS4. Went on to use new midi/audio
sequencer called HD-REC (amigaos)
Again a remix by Emulate for Eskimoes.

Year 2005-2007: Kicko bought an Access Virus TI Polar, TI Desktop and an Elektron Machinedrum.
Roland JD800 and Indigo II is sold. Vlado is also fit for fight with new hardware for his pc..
So lets continue with the music.

Year 2008-2009: Last years were really lazy years of producing so i decided to put up the rest of my music on the net.
Uploaded rest of the CDs from Transplant and added some optimization for higher sound level
and more clarity.

We played at the event Funkt'up on 2 October 2009. The night was really great and the people liked our music. Great to be back..

Year 2010-2011: As our member elektr0n1ka (Vlado) passed away i now run the single project under the alias psykicko.
On 4th march 2011 i played elektr0n1kas set at Massacre Tivoli (Altius b-day). I hope you were there with me my friend.
On 18th June 2011 i played psykicko and also elektr0n1kas set at Memento Mori. Alot of rain but folk still dancing.

Year 2012: Not much producing this year either. On 22 June i played at Skrimmel Skrammel Midsummer Renegade Outdoor party.
They had a really great soundsystem. The place was nice with alot of green and beach.

Some info

If you feel like sponsoring you can always paypal us.
I dont produce music as often as i once did. Sad but true. But ill try to get the energy back.

Thanks to KTadd for making the app ffmpegGui so i can make my own videos and upload to youtube.
Thanks to Amitopia for making some videos and streaming.