Welcome to this place of mine I've dedicated to display my collection of computers and related hardware. In part it's to keep track of things, but also to have a place to redirect people rather than try to explain the full extent of my obsession.

My main passion is the Amiga computers... first released in 1985 by Commodore it was the machine to have for about a decade, then Commodore went bust and the once mighty machine went into a messy retirement. It's a long time ago now but the Amiga still have a group of followers and nuttcases scattered around and I guess I'm one of them... Enjoy!

Ethernal Project

RunnerUp System

The Black Widow

Main ECS System

Main OCS System

Retro System

Old School System




Other Hardware

Ethernal Project
I bought this computer back in 2003 for a good price to get into the PPC for Classic. The system was towered and pritty much ready "out of the box". In 2005 I started a massive "Maxed Out Project" with this computer as the base and it have still to be finnished.
A4000D in CoolerMaster Stacker Tower
CyberStorm PPC 
Elbox Mediator PCI 4000D Busboard

FastATA4000 IDE Controller 
KickFlashOS4 1MB
Toccata Soundcard 
V-Lab Motion VideoEd.card 
VarIO I/O Controller
Supra 2400zi 

FlickerMagic Internal Scandoubler
Catweasel A4000 IDE 

Spider2 PCI USB2.0 Controller
Voodoo3 3000 16MB PCI Graphiccard
Realtek 100Mb PCI Ethernet
FlyVideo98 PCI TVcard

68060/50Mhz & 604e/233Mhz
2MB Chip Memory
16+128MB Fast Memory
Kickstart ROM3.1
146GB 3.5" UWSCSI Harddrive
4GB 3.5" IDE Harddrive
UWSCSI Tapestreamer
IDE HDD Rack with UWSCSI bridge
Fan controller/Heat probe
Internal HD Diskdrive
Internal 5.25" Diskdrive
2*4port USB Hubbs (internal)
IDE to external CF

RunnerUp System
I bought this in 2004 as a "shear up" gift since at the time I though my B1260 had just die on me, it was also way to cheap to just let slip by. It had issues but in the end it worked out good and is now my main machine in the clubhouse.
A4000D in modded Original Desktop
CyberStorm MK2

CyberVision64/3D Graphiccard 
CyberVision Scandoubler
Ariadne Ethernet 
Buddha Flash IDE Controller 
Highway USB Controller

HyperCom3+ I/O controller, Clockport version

2MB Chip Memory
16+128MB Fast Memory
Kickstart ROM3.1
20GB 3.5" IDE Harddrive
9GB 3.5" SCSI Harddrive
Internal HD Diskdrive

The Black Widow
Initialy a spare A1200 that I felt I could sacrifice to a mod project. The creation started a week before the AmiGBG04 fair where it was unveiled. The hardware have been upgraded since then buy the exterior look have stayed the same.
A1200 in modded Original Desktop
Blizzard 1260

Blizzard SCSI Kit-IV 
Indivision AGA 1200
COM PCMCIA Ethernet w/ XJack

2MB Chip Memory
256MB Fast Memory
Kickstart ROM3.1
6GB 2.5" IDE Harddrive
Internal DD Diskdrive
External HD Diskdrive

Main ECS System
I bought this computer in 2003 to try lure my wife into my world. It didn't work so now she have a laptop PC and I've used it to created a great little ECS system for myself instead. Had to go through 3 defective Apollo acceleratos in 8 years before ACA630 came and saved me.
A600 in modded Original Desktop 
ACA 630 68030/30Mhz 

Dataflyer 1200 SCSI+ SCSI Controller 
A604 Memory Expansion with Clockports
Alfadata SWB-M-KS+ Kickstart Switch (with switch) 
IDE to Compact Flash Adaptor
Repotec PCMCIA Ethernet
Canon PCMCIA CF Adaptor 

1+1MB Chip Memory
64MB Fast Memory
Kickstart ROM3.1 & ROM2.0
4GB CompactFlash
Internal DD Diskdrive
External DD Diskdrive
External SCSI CDRom

Main OCS System
This computer was realy stuff in "the bits&bobs pile" that after assemblying parts from what was 3 nonecomplete systems became this. Might not be the most powerfull of systems but it sure is a sweet retro machine that holds a place in my collection.
A500 in Original Desktop 
M-Tec 68020i 

AlfaPower AT-Bus HDD 500 
A501 Memory Expansion
Switch-Itt Kickstart Switch

68020/14Mhz & 68882/33Mhz
512+512KB ChipMemory
4+4MB Fast Memory
Kickstart ROM2.0 & ROM1.3
256MB CompactFlash
Internal DD Diskdrive

Retro System
"Traded" me to this system for a fine price from a friend, he already had 6 others so it wasn't that big of a loss for him. Finaly I have the thing that started the hype and to this day still is my big hobby.
A1000 in original Desktop
A1050 RAM Cartridge 

512KB Chip Memory
Internal DD Diskdrive
External DD Diskdrive

Old School System
Not too much to say about this one... got it for free from a friend. Not realy my thing but I like the old school look and strangely it make me enjoy my Amigas even more so it'll stay in the collection as a reminder of the past.
Commodore 128 in Original Desktop 
The Final Cartridge 3 

8502/2Mhz & Z80/4Mhz
128KB Memory

Where would we be without working spares? "What do you need that for, you already have one of those." is a common question but easly defused with a counterquestion "And how long do you think it takes to find a replacement for when the first one breaks down?"
A1200 (Boxed) 
A1200 (Boxed) 
A500 (Boxed x2) 
A600 (Boxed) 

A4000'T' (Micronik 4000 ISA Tower)
A500 (In A500Plus Box) 
A600 (x5) 

I probably have more expansions than I actually need but a good spare or two is extremly handy when something breaks down. And any odd parts could be good to keep around if one want to start a new project.
A1050 (Boxed) 
A2090 (x2) 
A3630 (x2) 
A601 (x2) 
Action Replay 2, Internal version (Boxed) 
Alfa Data Boot Selector (Boxed) 
Alfa Data SWB-M-KS+ Kickstart Switch (with chip cables x2) 
AlfaRam RA6 1M (In Baseboard 601C Box) 
AlfaRam RA6 1M 
Amigakit Kickstart Switch 
ATonce Classic (Boxed), 80286/7.2Mhz 
BaseBoard 601C (x2 Boxed) 
Blizzard 1220/4, 68020/28Mhz (Boxed)
Blizzard 1230 MK4, 68030/50Mhz (In BlizzardPPC Box) 
Blizzard 1260, 68060/50Mhz (In Apollo1240 Box) 
Blizzard SCSI Kit IV 
Buddha Flash (Boxed) 
Buddha Flash Phonenix Ed. (Boxed) 
BVisionPPC (Broken) 
Catweasel MK4 (Boxed) 
CPU Bremse (In Spider2 Box) 
CyberStorm PPC, 604e/180Mhz & 68060/50Mhz (SCSI not working) 
CyberStorm PPC, 604e/200Mhz & 68060/50Mhz 
Dataflyer 1200 SCSI+ (x5 Boxed) 
Dataflyer 4000 SCSI+ (Boxed) 
Dataflyer 4000SX (Boxed) 
Delfina Flipper (x2, 1 Boxed) 
Elektronsher Monitor-Umshalter (Boxed) 
FlickerMagic Internal Scandoubler 
Gigatron A500 
Golden Image 512k 
Golden Image RC500 
GVP EGS Spectrum 28/24 
GVP IO Extender 
IDEFix Express 
Indivision ECS (x2 Boxed) 
ISDN Master 
KCS Power PC Board 500, 8086/10Mhz 
M-Tec 68020i, 68020/14Mhz, 68882/20Mhz (Boxed) 
M-Tec 68020i, 68020/14Mhz, 68881/14Mhz (Boxed, Broken) 
M-Tec A52MB 
Melody 1200 Pro 
Micromegs (In AlfaRam RA5 Box) 
Micronik 3-way Kickstart Switcher 
Micronik AT Bus Fourfold 
Multiface Card 3 (x3) 
PAL Encoder 
Personal Animation Recorder (In GVP Box) 
Picasso IV (with Concierto, Pablo & Paloma modules) 
Pyramid Eureka 4MB (Damaged pin) 
SilverSurfer (Boxed) 
SilverSurver A600 Clockport Adaptor (x2) 
Subway USB Controller (x2, 1 Boxed) 
Supra 2400zi (x2) 
SupraRAM 500 
Twister 1200 MK2 (Boxed) 
Utilities Unlimited Kickstart Switcher 
V-Lab Y/C Digitizer (Boxed) 
Vampire 600 V2
Video Konverter 

As my collection of computers have grown, so have the amount of different peripherals attached to it in one way or another.
Action Replay 3, External version 
ACUS Data Midi Interface
Amiga Syncro Express 2 
Apollo 500 IDE Controller 
Catus Midi Interface (x2)
CD1200+ (Boxed) 
Commodore 1081 (x2)
Commodore 1084 (x2)
Commodore 1084S (x2)
Commodore 1085S
Commodore 1942
Commodore MPS 1270A Inkjet 
Datic Mouse/Joy switch (x2) 
Deluxe Sound A1000 
Deluxe Sound A500/A2000 
DigiView Gold 
External Floppydrive (x13) 
Gotec Floppy Emulator in External Floppycase 
GVP G-lock (In GoldenImage CD Box) 
GVP Impact A500 HD8+ Series2 
Iomega JAZ 2GB Drive
Joypads (5) 
Joystick (24) 
Keyboard A2000 
Keyboard A3000 
Keyboard A4000 (x3) 
Keyboard Connector, PC Kybd for A1000 (Boxed) 
KVM & Other Switchboxes (x5) 
Lightgun (2) 
Megalosound Sampler (Boxed) 
Microdeal Midi Interface (Boxed) 
Microdeal Pro Midi Interface (Boxed) 
Midi Music Master (Boxed) 
Mouse (x14) 
MV1200 External Scandoubler 
OverDrive HD (boxed) 
Philips 8833 II
Pyramid Midi Interface 
Pyramid Sound Enhancer 
Pyramid Sound Sampler (Boxed) 
Rendale A8802 Genlock 
RocGen Plus (x2) 
SCSI Towers (x3) 
Smart Sound Sampler 
Snapshot Studio+ 
Sound Trap 3 
Squirrel (x2) 
SupraDrive 500XP 
Surf Squirrel (Boxed) 
SupraRAM 500RX 
SupraTurbo 28, 68000/28Mhz 
SyQuest EZ 135 Drive
Trojan Lightpen (Boxed) 
Vidi Amiga 24RT Pro (Boxed) 
Vidi Amiga 24RT 
Vidi RGB 

Other Hardware
And the list goes on and on and on... no point in listing "everything" so lets wrap it up here.
A1200 (Missing parts)
A600 (Missing parts)
A500 (Missing parts)

A4000 Motherboard 
A500 Motherboard 
A600 Motherboard (x3)

Chassi, A1200 
Chassi, A4000D (x2)
Chassi, A500 
Chassi, Elbox Mirage 4000 Pro

Amiga Powersupplies (10+)
Cables in all shapes and forms by the mile
Hundreds of 4, 8, 16, 32 and a handfull 128MB simms
A gazillion components, parts, adaptors and other nicknacks
x86 based PC Workstations, Laptopts and HTPCs (x8)